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Dear Barbara,


Here’s the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Mt Sterling City Cemetery pp. 229, 409


Henry H. Nichols d. 14 May 1930, Illinois Pvt 101 Engra.


John J. Nichols, d. 4 Jul 1902 – p. 409 lists his death date as 14 July 1902. [ There are so many typing errors in the book that this is not uncommon, you will have to look for an obituary in the newspaper to determine which date for sure.]


John Nichols, 17 Jan 1894, age 51 years. Co. E 16th Illinois Inf.


Jonathan Nichols, son of  S. Douglas and M. Nichols, 7 Aug 1880 – 8 Jan 1898 [ The full names of the parents were not listed. Again this requires a search of the obituaries. The Mt Sterling Public Library has microfilms of the newspaper for that period of time. You might be able to request an interlibrary loan. The state did not require death certificates this early, so that option isn’t available. In Brown County, the cemeteries book is the only resource for deaths this early.]


Statewide registration of deaths started in 1916.



Ken Huffman


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I am trying to locate information about relatives with the surname Nichols..  There are six Nichols on the cemetary index and I know three of them are my gt.grandfather, his wife and his father.  I appreciate that six  is a large number in investigate, but I would be grateful for any research help you can give me.  I have been looking a long time before I finally clicked on Brown County.  The names and page numbers are--Harry H nichols p229; John J Nichols p.229; John Nichols pp 229 & 409; M. Nichols ( I hope this is Mary ) p.229 and Douglas S. Nichols p.229 .  thank you for anyt help you can give me. sincerely Barbara Willson