Northcut, Nothern, Perry

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Dear Susan,

The numbers are the page numbers in the Cemeteries Book.

Here’s the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Jaques Cemetery, pp. 68, 69 & Misc Burials, pp. 408, 413

Henry C. Nothern, 22 May 1889, age 58 y, 11 m, 15 d.

Mary E. Nothern, wife of Henry C. Nothern, 22 Sep 1840 – 1 Apr 1908

Eddie ‘Lodie’, son of Henry C. and Mary E. Nothern, 10 Oct 1864, age 5 m, 8 d.

Infant, dau of Henry C. and Mary E. Nothern, 8 May 1860, age 1 d.

Viola May, dau of Henry C. and Mary E. Nothern, 1 Sep 1869, age 2 y, 7 m

John D. Nothern, son of Henry C. and Mary E. Nothern, 1858 – 1931

Sarah Frances (Perry), wife of John D. Nothern, 1858 – 1 Dec 1948

Charles, son of John D. and Sarah Frances Nothern, 24 May 1901, age 5 y, 11 m, 15 d.


Buckhorn Cemetery, p. 90

Alexander Northcut, son of E. and C. Northcut, 2 Jul 1856, age 6 m, 14 d.

William Eben Northcut, son of E. and C. Northcut,25 Jul 1856, 3 y, 1 m, 5 d.


Morrellville Cemetery, p. 20

Peter D. Northcut, son of E. and C. Northcut, 31 Mar 1853, 11 y, 6 m, 9 d.



Ken Huffman


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Oh my........Sorry, to write again, but I have found some more people.

If I have reached my limit I understand, but if you could do this for me, it would be great!


Nothern, Henry C. ___________  68

Could you tell me what this 68 is.  there are 9 Nothern individuals here and I do believe that John D.   is Henry's wife and that Mary E.,  is his wife.  I am interested in a daughter, Sarah, but can not find her.  There is also an infant daughter is this for Henry also?

I amsorry for all the questions.


Northcut, Alexander       90

Northcut, C                   20, 90

Northcut, Peter D          20

Northcut, William Eben  90

Is there something significant about the 20 and 90 also?

I appreciate this so much.  I wish that I could do this myself, but I am glad to you are here and willing to help others.