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Dear Bernard,


Thank you for your kind comments on our website. We do try to make it personal, and have as much actual data as possible for our visitors. I'm glad you found a family link. No, we don't accept donations or payment for our services, but thank you for asking.


The cemetery book's family relationship page (p. 194) indicates a  sibling relationship between your Michael and an Edward, both of whom married daughters of Thomas Bowe and Margaret Brassill. Edward married Mary Bowe in Brown County on 16 Aug 1857. I couldn't find any record of a marriage for Michael O'Connell or Ellen Bowe in Illinois (State Archive site), but their marriage is verified on p. 824 of the History of Schuyler & Brown Counties, IL.


There is an excellent history of the Thomas Bowe family (with 3 older generations, and their origins: LeBow in France in til the 1700's, then Ireland) in The History of Schuyler and Brown Countiues, Illinois, p 824. We can scan that for you if you wish, and you will have a good start on the Bowe family research. Or, do you already have this record?


The listings for the Michael  and Edward O'Connell families are as follows:


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL, Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp 176, 194 (family relationships).


      Michael O'Connell (1890) There is no indication that this is a birth or death, for certain, but it seems logical

             that it is his death date.

      Ellen Bowe, wife of Michael O'Connell (d. 1882, aged 44 yrs)

            James M., son of Michael & Ellen O'Connell (d. 1868, aged 6 yrs)

            Jeremiah, son of Michael & Ellen O'Connell (d. 1867, aged 1 yr)

            John, son of Michael & Ellen O'Connell (d. 1866, aged 6 yrs)


      Edward O'Connell (1827-1898)

      Mary Bowe, wife of Edward O'Connell (1834-1904)

            ch: Thomas (1858-1910)

                 Timothy (1870-1931) & wife Elizabeth Murphy (1873-1950)

                 Ann/Anna (1872-1952) & husband Charles D. Cox (1872-1938)

                 Margaret (1868-1920) & husband Thomas Cox (1862-1914)

                 *Regina (no dates) who married Robert Quincy (she might be a grandchild).     


There is also a family group headed by a John O'Connell (d. 1868 aged 50 yrs) and wife Catherine Murphy (d. age 83 yrs), but they are listed separately, with no indication of a blood relationship.     Note that Timothy O'Connell also married a Murphy. There might be some connection here, but it may be difficult to prove.


The William O'Connell I think you referred to on p. 176 is the son of John & Catherine O'Connell. He married Alice Lucas. so this apparently isn't your William.


I hope these items will be of help to you.


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My name is Bernard Goldschmidt.  I have been tracing

my roots for quite awhile and hit a dead end with

Brown County records a number of years ago.  I

happened upon your web site yesterday and to my great

surprise I found the two names I have been looking



My mother's father was William O'connell who was born

in Beardstown on May 2, 1875.  I have obtained a copy

of his origional Social Security application in his

own hand writing so I know this information is

correct.  On the form he states that his father is


Michael O'connell  and his mother is

Ellen Bowe


Your section on Brown County Burials show them on

pages 176, 160


These are the two people I have been looking for who

do not appear in the county records. 


Can you tell me anything about them??  Can you tell me

where to go to get more information??


You have a great web site.  Do you take donations?


Thanks for any help.