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Dear Carol,


I think you will be pleased with the outcome of my search. It came quicker than I thought it would. James F. O'Neal and his wife, Mary E., and their daughter (age 8 months) are in Mary's father's household. If Mary O'Neal died after the census, I can't find her in the cemetery book. As I said, no dates match. Anyway, here they are in 1900, and the 1880 of the William F. Millen family shows Mary, age one.


It's just a hunch, but I think Amanda M. O'Neal, born 9-1899, is your Marie, and the census taker wrote out the first name rather than the second. If James's family was in Nebraska in 1880, he may have returned to work or to visit relatives and married in Brown County, then took his little family to Nebraska to be near his parents, where Mary died, either along the way or sometime before 1910, when Marie is found as a "niece".


Hope this helps you in your search.


Laurie Huffman



1900 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown County, Ripley Township, 43/44:


William F. Millen, age 48, born Apr 1852, md. 25 yrs, b. NC, parents b. SV; Physician & Surgeon.

Mary M. K. Millen, wife, age 48, born Jan 1852, md. 25 yrs, 6 children/5 living, b. NC, parents b. NC.

Franklin C. Millen, son, age 18, born ___ 1881 IL, single, parents b. NC

Margaret J. Millen, dau, age 13, born Feb 1887 IL, parents b. NC

Sarah H. Millen, dau, age 10, born Apr 1890 IL, parents b. NC

Mary E. O'Neal, dau, age 21, born Sep 1878 IL, md. 3 yrs, 1 child/1 living, par. Born NC.

James F. O'Neal, son-in-law, age 27, born Nov 1872 IL, md. 3 yrs, parents b. IL.

Amanda M. O'Neal, gr-dau, 8/12, born Sep 1899 IL, parents b. IL.


1880 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown county, Ripley Township, 42/44:


William F. Millen, 28, MD (doctor), b. NC, parents b. SC

Mary M. Millen, 27, wife, b. NC, father b. SC, mother b. NC

John A. Millen, 4, son, b. IL, parents b. NC

Mary E. Millen, 1, b. IL, parents b. NC.






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Dear Laurie,

Bless your heart for going to all this trouble for me.  I sure do appreciate

it.  James F. O'Neal is really good at moving or eluding most of the census

on me.  As was Marie, his daughter.  She was born in Ripley 9-1900.  I find

a Marie O'Neal in Franklin Co., Neb. age 10 listed as niece in 1910.  In

1920 she is in Cherokee, Iowa getting married in March.  (Havent found her

on a census yet)  I was thinking that possibly her mother died in childbirth

as she did in 1923.  I havent received anything back yet on James F.

military records but sometime along there he joined the military as his

second wife, Anna, received a burial pension.  I wonder if he had to send

Marie to relatives because his wife had died?  Thats why I was thinking that

maybe there might be a death date close to the time Marie was born.  I

havent been able to find anything on line for Brown Co. yet for 1900 that

would show James F. and his wife.  I only found the index.  I am leaning

right now in thinking that maybe James F. belongs to the Willis O'Neal and

Mary family.  The reason I think so is that in the 1880 Oneida, Kearney,

Neb. census there is Willis and Mary with Effie E., Cyrus, James, and

Leonard. All were born in Ill. but Mary.  Also buried there next to Effie is

Susan Pearl O'Neal whose tombstone says "Sister of Effie" (I have a picture

of a Pearl O'Neal who was my father in laws aunt but what I found is her

birthdate of 1883 so she wasnt born yet for the 1880 census.  Pearl never

married but there is a man with her in the picture and on the back it is

written "Aunt Pearl and Uncle Warren" and they are with my father in laws

brother(he was visiting) in Hilbreth, Neb.  Thinking this could be brother.)

  I have also came across the name of Leonard in the in-laws papers.  James

F. O'Neal died in 1915 and is buried in Streator, Ill. La Salle Co.  The day

he was buried his youngest son, James F. Jr. was born.  My father in law,

Paul, was only 8.  Needless to say there isnt much to go on in my search as

both in laws are gone and there just isnt much O'Neal information from the

family and so many O'Neals out there.  I did come across the marriage info

that you listed this week also and did a search in Family Search (Morman

site) on James F. and Mamie Millen that showed his parents as Willis H.H.

O'NEal and Mary Shields.  This could be the same one in the 1880 census but

there wasnt anymore information listed other than their and their parents

names.  After all this rambling on (sorry, I get carried away) I guess about

the only other thing we could check would be the 1900 census to see if there

is a James F. and Mamie.  I would surely appreciate it and I thank you for

taking the time to do this for me.


Carol O'Neal



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Bless your heart!  I think that you may have found the family!  It all fits

in except for the birth date of James F. which is 9-1873.  But then we dont

know who was giving the information.  I didnt write down the name of the

source in the Family Search files but I think I just typed in Mamie Millens

name and it came up with a family file. (Mamie could have been a nicname)  I

am hoping to go to La Salle county courthouse this Weds to see if I can find

out anything. I live in Monticello, Ind. and my husband is from Streator. 

He has to go over on business and I am hoping to catch a ride to Ottawa with

my cousin who also lives in Streator.  Any information that I have that you

can use you are more than welcome to use it however you want.    I also have

a picture of James F. with his 2nd wife, Anna and my father in law as a

baby, that you are more than welcome to use if you like.  Annas maiden name

was Dorman and I think I remember getting a email from a Dorman researcher

in Ohio with Brown Co. connections.  I remembering thinking maybe they could

have met each other there and then lived in Streator after they married.(Her

parents lived there)  Maybe she was visiting relatives in Brown Co. when she

met him.  Oh how the mind does wonder haha.  Anyway thanks again for all

your help.  You certainly made my day!