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To: Carol O'Neal

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Dear Carolyn,


There are some gaps in what you wrote that make it a bit difficult to search for your information, but I have checked a few things, and have some ideas. If I completely miss the mark, let me know and we'll try again.


I could not find a burial for a wife of James. F. O'Neal in the cemetery book, and no women died in that time frame by the surname O'Neal. But that does not mean she isn't buried in a neighboring county, which is not uncommon. James is not buried in the county either. You might check for this burial in Schuyler County first, since many families held land in both counties.


I checked for family histories on the O'Neals, and found only a brief listing for the Willis O'Neal family. If James is a descendant of Willis (a very early pioneer to Brown County), he is not mentioned, but that is not definitive.


I looked for the burial on the Illinois State Death Index, but nothing showed up, which was not very encouraging. So I checked marriages as well, and came up with two marriages for James F. O'Neal which might be of interest to you:


O'NEAL, JAMES F md.  MILLEN, MAMIE  on 03/11/1897 (Bk1A, p209 Lic#2534)     BROWN CO, IL              

O'NEAL, JAMES F  md. WRIGHT, EMMA  on 08/03/1879 (BkC,  p146  Lic#199)     BROWN CO, IL


The 1897 marriage to Mamie Millen (or McMillen?) will have a marriage license as well, but the licenses for the 1879 marriage burned in a courthouse fire, so no personal information will be available for that marriage.


I checked again for a cemetery listing for Mamie O'Neal, but found nothing. I checked the Emma O'Neal that is listed, but she is the wife of Christopher Allen - so no matches. If you would still like a listing of O'Neals from the book, please let me know. There are a large number, in more than one cemetery, so it will take a bit longer than this response, but we will be happy to give them to you.


I can also do a line-by-line read of the 1900 Federal Census to see if James and his wife are listed. If his wife died in the census year, she may have been living when the census taker was in town, depending on how late in the year he was making his rounds. It's just a thought. Let me know if you would like me to make that search. There is no charge to do so.


Best wishes,


Laurie Huffman

Brown County ILGenWeb Co-Coordinator





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I am not sure if you can help me or not as I do not have a first name for my

lookup.  I am grabbing at straws here.


I am looking for the wife of James F. O'Neal who might have died in

childbirth on or around 9-3-1900.


James F. is my husbands grandfather.  We know my husbands father had a half

sister named Marie O'Neal who married a Sones in Iowa.  We have her family



We think she is the Marie O'Neal born 9-3-1900 in Brown Co., Ripley, Ill.

We cannot find any information on who her mother might have been.  We are

pretty sure Marie died in childbirth (information from my mother in law) and

are looking into the possibilty that the same thing happened to Maries

mother when she was born.


As there are several O'Neals listed in the cemetery page, I am wondering if

you have any information that would say who the husband was.


I thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me.


Carolyn O'Neal