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Apparently the Oldfield family arrived in Brown County, Illinois between 1855 and 1860. I found James and his wife “M. A.” in the 1860 census in Buckhorn Township, Brown County (extracted below), but Ivena is not with them, having died in 1859.


On a hunch, I checked and found this same family in Dudley, Hardin County, Ohio in 1850. You may already have this, but I have copied it out below, in case you haven’t.


Note the age discrepancies for the parents between the two censuses. This is pretty typical, as I am sure you know.


Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972

Buckhorn Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 91


            Ivena, d/o J. & M. A. Oldfield (d. 9 Apr 1859) No other dates or age at death given.


1860 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown County, Buckhorn Township, 7 August:



            James Oldfield 40, farmer, b. Kentucky

            Mrs. M. A. Oldfield 35, b. Virginia

            J. A. Oldfield (male) 20, b. Ohio

            E. D. Oldfield (male) 18, b. Ohio

            R. N. Oldfield (male) 15, b. Ohio

            J. T. Oldfield (male) 13, b. Ohio (John D. in 1850)

            H. S. Oldfield (male) 10, b. Ohio (not in the 1850 census)

            M. A. Oldfield (female) 9, b. Ohio (Mary A. in 1850)

            J. T. Oldfield (male) 5, b. Ohio


1850 Fed Census, Ohio, Hardin County, Dudley Township, 24 July:



            E. James Oldfield 36, farmer, b. Kentucky

            Mary A. Oldfield 34, b. Ohio

            Jesse A. Oldfield 10, b. Ohio

            E. D. Oldfield (male) 8, b. Ohio

            R. N. Oldfield (male), 6, b. Ohio

            John D. Oldfield 3, b. Ohio

            Mary A. Oldfield 2/12, b. Ohio


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Hi Laurie,

these are some names and pages I need searched please:


OLDFIELD, IVENA----------91

OLDFIELD, J. --------------91

OLDFIELD ,M.A.----------91


Appreciate your help.    G. Buchanan        [email protected]