Names: Ellsworth, Keller, Orton, Robbins, Williams

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Dear Judi,


Here are the cemetery listings you requested. I hope they will be of use to you.


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Laurie Huffman



Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972


Mounds Cemetery, Timewell, Pea Ridge Township, p 299:


Vandeleur Orton (1868-1947)

Alta C. Robbins, wife of V. Orton (1873-1946). On p. 412 (misc burials of 1946) she is listed as Alta Clarissa Orton and

 her death (or possibly burial) date is 23 Nov 1946.

Mary Elizabeth Ellsworth Keller Orton (no dates given). The Keller family is buried in Mounds Cemetery, but there are no

references to how she is connected to them. However, she appears, with a slight name variation, in Orton (or Baptist) cemetery. I will list her again there.


Howe Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 101:


Harvey A. Williams (1863-1924), son of William Alexander Williams and his wife, Lydia.

Eva Orton, (1865-1899), 1st wife of  H. Williams.


Orton (or Baptist) Cemetery, Lee Township p. 109:


C. A. *Norton (d. 4 Oct 1886, aged 22 yrs) *could be Orton

Clark Orton (23 Dec 1826-28 Feb 1896)

Mary Ann Elizabeth Keller Orton, (no dates given), wife of Clark Orton, buried at Mounds Cemetery. (Note that the name

 Ellsworth does not appear, but is the name of at least one of her sons. Also the name Ann is added).

Ellsworth Orton (13 Apr 1874-11 Mar 1907)

Ida Orton, dau of Clark and Mary Orton. (no dates given)

Clark Ellsworth Orton, infant son of C. and M. Orton. (no dates given)


I got curious about Clark Orton and his wife and I checked for their marriage in the Illinois Archive listings online:


Clark Orton married Mary Ann Elizabeth Keller in Brown Co, IL on 11 Sept 1856.







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When you get time could you please look up these burials for me in the  "Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, 1825 - 1972" book.


Orton, Alta C. (Robbins)________ 299
Orton, Alta Clarissa________ 412
Orton, Clark Ellsworth________ 109
Orton, Clark________ ________109
Orton, Ellsworth________ 109
Orton, Eva________ ________101
Orton, Ida________ ________109
Orton, Mary Ann Elizabeth (Keller)________109
Orton, Mary Elizabeth (Ellsworth) Kellar________299
Orton, Vandeleur________ 299

Many thanks for your help.

Judi Gilker

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