Names: Johnson, Parker

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I have placed your query on the 2004 queries page. Please keep me up to date with your email address, if it changes.


Here is the marriage of Alva and Emma. You and search the Illinois State Marriage database at:


Groom          Bride         Date       Book/Page Entry    County   

JOHNSON, ALVA  PARKER, EMMA  06/03/1883 C  /198   697      BROWN  


Just a note: They often enter marriages of women who were previously married as Mrs. Emma Parker. The fact that itís missing on this entry does not prove that she was not previously married but it does strengthen the possibility that parker may be her maiden name.



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I'm looking for information regarding my great grandmother, Emma Johnson.  My
great grandfather's name was Alva Johnson, and I believe they got married in
Brown county in the 1880's.  She was possibly married to a man named Parker
prior to marrying my great grandfather.  They had several children, including my
grandmother, Alice Johnson Waters.  At one time, they lived at Siloam
Springs.  I am particularly interested in finding out who Emma's mother was.  I
believe she was of the Indian persuasion, and her name was Mabel.  Thank you for
any information you can give me.