NAMES: Petri

Hello Ken, Can you tell me where I can find records of burials from the Tarrant Funeral Home that used to be in Versailles? I'm trying to find an obit on my great-grandmotherCarolina Petri (August). Her stone says Dec 1900 but I have searched every newspaper around here and cannot find anything. Either I didn't search very wellor the stone is inccorrect. Would like to see old records if possible. A search at the courthouse revealed nothing for Dec 1900 either! So I searched Cass and Pike Counties, thinking perhaps she had died at one of those hospitals. No luck. Any help on this would be appreciated. Have got the Petri caln back to Zella-Mehlis Germany and would like to fill in some small blanks now. Dorothy Petri Jamison Dear Dorothy, The Tarrant Funeral Home burials are listed in the "Cemeteries of Brown County". However, I just indexed those pages and did not find Carolina or Caroline Petri in them. The pages are very hard to search because the burials are listed by date. Most of the time we don't have a date and that's why we are searching. BUT... I did find a Carolyn F. Petri listed in the Cooperstown cemetery: Carolyn F. Petri, wife of A. Petri (9 Nov 1828- 1 Dec 1900) August Petri (9 Aug 1828 - 12 Nov 1911) If this is your great grandmother, you now have this information. This information was on pp 32, 37 of "Cemeteries of Brown County". With this information, I went back to the Tarrant Funeral Home listing to make sure I didn't overlook her when I was indexing. The listings start with April 1928, so they were a little late to have her information. I hope this helps a little. Now that you have an exact date, you may be able to find a newspaper with the obituary. Sincerely, Ken Huffman