NAMES: Pevehouse

Dear Phyllis,

Here's the information I have been able to gather which strengthens the position you have proposed. In the data the abbreviation CBC stands for Cemeteries of Brown County.

1860 Federal Census of Brown County Ill., Pea Ridge Twp
J. J. pevehouse 43 m farmer 6580/4400 Ky [CBC p300: John J. Pevehouse 12 Sep 1817-18 Mar 1891]
Mrs. S. A. Pevehouse 40 f Ky [CBC p300: Susannah Laura Pevehouse 11 Apr 1829 - 15 Dec 1909]
T. A. Pevehouse 17 f Ill [ 1850 Census: Thirsa]
E. J Pevehouse 15 f Ill [1850 Census: Elizabeth]
I. N. Pevehouse 11 m Ill [CBC p300: Isaac Newton Pevehouse 1849-1908]
M. E. Pevehouse 8 f Ill
C. W. Pevehouse 6 m Ill [CBC p300: Charles W. Pevehouse 27 May 1854-3 Feb 1867]
M. L. Pevehouse 4 f Ill
S. E. Pevehouse 2 m Ill

Other Pevehouse burials in Mounds Cemetery CBC p 300

George A. Pevehouse, son of J. & S. Pevehouse 18 Oct 1861- 19 Dec 1862

Lucy A. Pevehouse dau. of J. & S. Pevehouse 13 Dec 1863-30 May 1865

John H. Pevehouse son of J. & S. Pevehouse 7 May 1848 - 22 Nov 1848

1860 Federal Census of Brown County, Ill, Pea Ridge Twp
Leonard Hern 33 m farmer 900 Germany
Mrs N. Hern 23 f Ill
Ann A. Hern 1/2 f Ill

I am attaching a small family relationships paragraph from p304 of CBC that sheds more light on the family relationships.

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 304

Ken Huffman

Phyllis Skrysak wrote:

> I have information that my Great Grandfather and Grandmother were
> married in Brown County in November 1859.
> I have found quite a few spellings on his name but not on hers.
> Their marriage is registered as
> Leonard Herren and Nancy Pevehouse
> There is a
> J J Pevehouse (P1585) in the 1860 Census - could be her father?
> Leonard Horn (P1586) in the 1860 Census - Leonard?
> In the 1870 Census, John J Pevehouse (P114) is on the list, but not
> Leonard Herren or Hern or Horn and not Nancy Pevehouse - they probably
> had moved to Adams County IL before 1870.
> Anyway, could you tell me if the conjectures are accurate on the 1860 -
> that Nancy and Leonard are on the list and Nancy's family (Pevehouse)
> also?
> Thank you - Phyllis Skrysak
> Wheaton, IL