Names: Briggs, Bowen, Dick, Peak, Plew, Shankland


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Dear Marilyn,


When I began looking at the names you requested, I felt it was better to error on the side of too much information, rather than too little, so I included all Shanklands mentioned in the burial listings except some grandchildren.


Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972

Buckhorn Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 88, 91, 94:


            Sarah J. Shankland w/o William Bowen (19 Apr 1832 – 23 May 1912) She is the d/o Andrew G. Shankland.

            William Bowen (13 Dec 1827 – 18 Jan 1899)

                        Ch:       Elmore S., s/o W. & S. J. Shankland (died 11 Feb 1875 aged 6-0-17)

                                    Alexander, s/o W. & S. Bowen (June 186?) No other information.

                        There are also 2 grandchildren of this couple mentioned. Let me know if you want these also.


            Andrew G. Shankland (died 7 May 1880 aged 74-10-0)

            Henrietta Briggs, 1st w/o Benjamin. H. Shankland (died 30 Dec 1874 aged 33-11-26)

            David M. s/o B. H. & H. M. Shankland (died 11 Dec 1867 aged 4 months)

            James M. s/o B. H. & H. M. Shankland (died 2 Feb 1879 aged 3-10-0)

            Robert, s/o B. H. & H. M. Shankland (died 2 Feb 1879 aged 10-10-0)

            Marta, d/o B. H. & H. M. Shankland (died 5 Mar 1868 aged 0-9-2)

            Emarine Shankland, w/o James W. Plew (1828-1877) d/o of Andrew G. Shankland.

            James W. Plew (1833-1878)  


Page 94 lists Henrietta Briggs as the wife of Andrew G. Shankland, but this is wrong. Benjamin H. Shankland married Henrietta Briggs 3 Apr 1862 in Brown County, IL.


Benjamin H. Shankland is buried in Mounds Cemetery, Timewell, Pea Ridge Township p. 300, 305:


            Benjamin Shankland (1843-1925) Co F 135 Ind Inf

            Elizabeth Peak Dick, 2nd w/o Benjamin Shankland (1872-1951) She was previously married.


I hope these will be of some help to you.


Laurie Huffman

Brown Co, IL-GenWeb Project



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Hi, Laurie,


Would you be able to give me the burial information on the following:


Shankland, Robert        91

Shankland, Sarah J      88


Thanks so much.


Marilynn Tubaugh