A Brief History of Thomas and Mary Ann (Trilloe) Probert

Thomas married Mary in 1801, Parish of St. Devereux, Hereford. Their son married Mary Ann Trilloe of Burghill, Here, and they had two sons, James and Joseph. They came to America in 1850 through New Orleans into Hanibial, Ill, and settled in Mt. Sterling, Brown Co. They bought lots of land with cash it appears and we have no idea of where that money came from since they were farmers and Mary had been listed a servant. Joseph moved to Missouri when he was 21 and later James followed him with his wife and daughters. James lost wife and daughter in Missouri, remarried to divorce her, remarried the first wife's sister and then moved to California. That is why we are here now. There is no longer a Probert in Ill. but the other side of the family, the Nighswongers stayed a little longer. Probert's are 100's strong in Jasper, Carthage area in Mo. We have dwindled here in Calif.