Dear Mike,

Your request was fairly general, so I have assumed you are seeking information on the older generation, namely Alfred/Alford Pile.

There is no Pile or Pyle surname in the 1830 census for Schuyler/Brown county.

In 1838 a taxpayers list was made for Schuyler county, one year prior to Brown separating out. It included:

Nicholas Pile
William Pile

1840 Fed Census, Brown Co, IL, p. 80:

Alfred Pile
1 male = 20 to 30
1 female = 20 to 30

1850 Fed Census, Pea Ridge twp, Brown Co, IL #1246:

William Pile 39, farmer, b. Indiana
Elizabeth Pile 36, b. Kentucky
Harrison Pile 14, b. Illinois
Elbert Pile 7, b. Iowa

1850 Fed Census, Pea Ridge twp, Brown Co, IL #1306:

Rallif [Ratcliff] Pile 26, farmer, b. Indiana
Aniss Pile 21, b. Kentucky

Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL has only a few people named Pile, and no Alfred. You can check these on our site under "Permenant Resident Index".

The Statewide Marriage Index gives the following:

Alford Piles md. Frances W. Jones 21 May 1840, Scott Co, Illinois
Alfred Pile md. Melinda Padfield 29 Nov 1831, St. Clair Co, Illinois
Alfred Pyle md. Katie Lavell 15 Sep 1889, LaSalle Co, Illinois

History of Schuyler & Brown Counties, IL, p. 352:

(Brooklyn twp. Schuyler Co, IL)

Nicholas Pyle, a Kentukian, came from Morgan County (IL) with his wife and family and built a cabin, made some improvement and acquired a preemption right to the SW quarter of Section 10, but soon moved away. Fielding Atchison, with a wife and several children, came with Pyle, his father-in-law, and in the company of his brother-in-law, William Pyle, then unmarried, improved the NW quarter of section 10, which William Pyle afterwards entered, but subsequently sold and went to Kansas. Madison Bobbett arrived from Morgan Co (IL), a young man, who soon after married Sarah, the daughter of Nicholas Pyle, and improved the SW quarter of section 10 in 1835.

I checked out printed copy of the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Schuyler County and found no Pile or Pyle surname. You can check our census indexes for the surname and ask for lookups for any you might want the data on.

Pile Marriages in Brown County:

Elias Pile md Rhody C. Clarkson - 20 Aug 1848
Elias Pile md. Sarah Farmer - 27 Sep 1858
Amanda J. Pile md. King Kerley - 14 Dec 1853
Sarah Pile md. John McLane - 16 Jan 1853
Jesse W. Pile md. Gabriella P. Keller - 7 Aug 1854
David B. Pile md. Margaret Pevehouse - 3 Dec 1854
Rachel Cordelia Pile md. Joseph Dennis - 1 May 1856
John Pile md. Elizabeth Buzbee - March 1843
Nancy Jane Pile md. Daniel J.McPherson - 8 Apr 1847
Robert Pile md. Tempey Clark - 14 Mar 1848
James H. Pile md. Henrietta Euphemia Keller - 19 Dec 1847 (contact person: Amy Noorian ([email protected]) 5/99

Hope these bits and pieces will be of some help to you. I do believe there is a definite connection between William Pyle in the history and in the 1850 census, and your Alfred. They both have sons named Harrison. Perhaps they are brothers and have named their sons for another brother, or even a grandfather.

Hope this helps. Good hunting,

Laurie Huffman
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