Names: Bond, Clark, Gorham, Hadden, Knowles, Parrick, Rankin


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Here are the names you requested, plus a few. I hope this will help you in your search.


Thank you for your interest in our Brown County Website.


Laurie Huffman



Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 206, 210, 232, 243-244, 246, 257, 264, 370, 387.


NOTE: There are four children listed in the Mt. Sterling City Cemetery who are children of John Rankin & Mary J. Haddon. Since you have requested two of the daughters and the one son, I will include the fourth child, Louisa, and a possible fifth, Clarissa/Clara.


John Rankin (22 Jan 1828-13 Jul 1935) No spouse mentioned. Son of John Rankin & Mary J. Haddon.


Louisa [Rankin], wife of Rev. Edmund E. Knowles (d. 15 Apr 1858 aged 27y 9m 19d) Daughter of John Rankin & Mary J. Haddon.

    NOTE: Rev. Knowles is not buried in this cemetery.


Jane Rankin, wife of Benjamin Bond (19 Feb 1835-2 Jan 1906) Daughter of John Rankin & Mary J. Haddon.

Benjamin Bond (2 Jul 1827-15 June 1865) Civil War Soldier


Eliza A. Rankin, wife of Francis A. Clark (10 May 1823-15 Feb 1867) Daughter of John Rankin & Mary J. Haddon.

Francis Asbury Clark (11 Sep 1820-30 Jun2 1896) Son of Abner Clark & Nancy Gorham.


John Rankin (d. 30 July 1846 aged 67 yrs)

Mary J. Haddon, wife of John Rankin (d. 5 Apr 1862, aged 67 yrs)


Clarissa M. [Rankin or Parrick?], dau of J. S. and M. Rankin Parrick (1 May 1869-12 Sep 1894) Called Clara on p. 387.

    NOTE: I couldn't locate any other information on this couple, but did locate a marriage for a Clara Rankin to a Theodore Parrick. (see

     below) I am wondering if the cemetery listing is incorrect, and should read Clarissa (or Clara) Rankin, and give a married name as Parrick?

     If this is the case, she may be a daughter of John and Mary J. (Haddon) Rankin. It might also indicate a middle name for John Rankin.


PARRICK, THEODORE md. RANKINS, CLARA 03/03/1889 (Book 0221 Lic# 624, PIKE County, IL (neighbors Brown on the east)







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Dear Laurie,


Thank you for being a look-up volunteer for Brown County, Illinois. I'd appreciate it so much if you could send me the cemetery listings for the Rankins listed below.


Thank you very much!


Annie Crenshaw



Brown Co., Illinois CEMETERIES


Rankin, Eliza A.________  210
Rankin, Jane________ ________  206
Rankin, John________ ________ 232 (2)
Rankin, M.________ ________  370
Rankin, Mary J. (Hadden)________ 232