Names: Bryant, Casteen, Graves, Martin, Ravenscroft, Turner, Vandeventer, Wainman, Yates

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Thank you very much for looking this up for me.  My connection to all of this is Charity Watson.  She first married Isaac Martin, who died from Civil War.  She then married Edward Ravenscroft.  For some reason, from the time of marriage to Edward, Charity & Isaac's two sons, OliverJohn Henry Martin and John Edward Martin, ended up being raised by Rachel and John Martin.  Charity ended up with her own brood of Ravenscrofts.  Edward R. was her senior by 28 years.  I don't suppose you've seen anything on Charity Martin or Charity Ravenscroft in your research, have you?
Best regards,
Marie Butcher

Ken and Laurie Huffman <[email protected]> wrote:


Here is the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Westside Cemetery pp. 371-406

[pp. 405 and 405 are the Ravenscroft/Yates plot in Westside cemetery. Persons buried in this plot are listed in the cemetery record twice. I have combined the double listings into one for each of the persons. This eliminates some of the confusion about the burials.]

Ashford D. Ravenscroft, 22 Jan 1808  19 Apr 1872, b. Hampshire VA, d. age 63 y, 9 m, 27 d. A merchant of Versailles for 35 years.

Mary Casteen, wife of Ashford Ravenscroft, 17 Nov 1824  26 Mar 1907, b. Woodford, KY, d. Versailles, IL

Martha C., dau. of Ashford and Mary Ravenscroft, 1 Jun 1852  15 May 1856

William H. Ravenscroft, son of Ashford and Mary Ravenscroft, 17 Dec 1842  28 Dec 1924

Amanda Vandeventer, wife of William H. Ravenscroft, 10 Oct 1847  8 Jan 1896

Belle Bryant, wife of William H. Ravenscroft, 1878  1937 [p.406, she is listed as 1859  1838- dont know which is correct.]

Ashford D. Ravenscroft, son of William & Amanda Ravenscroft, 10 Oct 1877  8 Jan 1948

Ella Wainman, wife of Ashford D. Ravenscroft, 1878 - 1937

Virginia, dau of Ashford and Mary Ravenscroft,28 Dec 1849  2 Feb 1894, age 44y.

Lucinda J. Ravenscroft, dau of Ashford and Mary Ravenscroft, wife of Thomas H. Graves, 1845  1914

Thomas J. Graves, 1841  1920

Lydia Ravenscroft, dau of Ashford and Mary Ravenscroft, wife of William H. Yates, 1847  1940

William H. Yates, 1837  1902


Edward Ravenscroft [no dates] [He could be the E. M Ravenscroft buried in the Vandeventer Cemetery, below.]

Henson A. Ravenscroft, son of Edward and Susannah/Duannah Ravenscroft, 1856  1929 [She is listed under both names.

Katie Ravenscroft [no dates]

W. H. Ravenscroft, 1859 - 1938



Vandeventer Cemetery, pp349  351

E. M. Ravenscroft, 5 Mar 1880, age 69 y, 5 m, 10 d. [possibly Edward Ravenscroft mentioned in the Ravenscroft/Yates plot]

Duannah[aka Susannah] Vandeventer, wife of E. M. Ravenscroft, 22 Mar 1860, age 38 y, 7m, 2 d.

Mary C. Ravenscroft, dau of E. M. and Duannah Ravenscroft, 7 Oct 1859, age 4 m, 3 d.



Martin Cemetery, pp. 341-342

John Martin, 2 Mar 1794  23 Sep 1854, age 60 y, 6 m, 21 d [has two listings in the index.]

Rachel Turner, wife of John Martin, 20 Nov 1810  6 Sep 1895

Robert J. Martin, son of John and Rachel Martin, 25 Aug 1846, age 9 y, 7 m, 14 d.

Isaac Martin, son of John and Rachel Martin, 1 Nov 1862, age 32 y, 2 m, 1 d



Ken Huffman



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Hi Ken and Laurie,

Hope all is well with both of you.  I'm wondering if you could again help me with some lookups in the Cemetery Book -- I first did a one-name lookup and did not locate the names.  I'm quite confident that all the Ravenscrofts on pages 371 and 406 are related as are all Martins on page 341.

Ravenscroft, Amanda (Vandeventer)________371,406
Ravenscroft, Ashford D.________371(2),406(2),371
Ravenscroft, Belle (Bryant)________ 371,406
Ravenscroft, Duannah________ 350
Ravenscroft, E. M.________ 349
Ravenscroft, Edward________ 406

Ravenscroft, Ella (Wainman)________ 371,406
Ravenscroft, Henson A.________ 371
Ravenscroft, Henson________ 406
Ravenscroft, Katie________ 371
Ravenscroft, Lucinda J.________ 371,406
Ravenscroft, Lydia________ 365,371,376,406
Ravenscroft, Martha C.________ 371
Ravenscroft, Martha________ 406
Ravenscroft, Mary (Casteen)________ 371,406
Ravenscroft, Mary C.________ 350
Ravenscroft, Susannah (Vandeventer)________406
Ravenscroft, Virginia________ 371
Ravenscroft, Virginia________ 406
Ravenscroft, W. H.________ 371
Ravenscroft, William H.________ 371,406

Martin, Isaac________ ________341

Martin, Rachel (Turner)________ 341

Martin, John________ ________341(2)

You helped me about two years ago with some McNary and Watson lookups.  My offer to do lookups (if I can repay the favor) still stands.

Thanks in advance for your help -- the Brown County site is very informative and I visit often!

Best regards,


Marie Butcher

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Marie Butcher

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