NAMES:Barker, Ingram, Rigg, Perry, Powell


On page 344 of the Cemeteries of Brown County, IL there is a family history mentioning Perry Rigg's orgins: Joseph & Elizabeth (Ingram) Rigg Family.

Their son, John (one of 11 children) married Allie Perry. They had one son, Perry. After Allie's death, John married twice more, and had more children. His second wife was Julia Mobley, and his third, Barbara Ingram Edmonston. He and Barbara lived in the state of Missouri for a number of years, then returned to Brown County, IL, where they both died.

There are other details from the history on this family but this gives you a feel for what they did. There are no absolute dates for their moves to and from Missouri. These people appear to be the ones you are looking for, however, there are some name differences. You might try getting the death certificates for those you know. Often there is additional information that provides clues to other places to search.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
Ken and Laurie Huffman


Dear Ken and Laurie,

Thanks so much for the information on Perry Rigg. I won't get my hopes up yet, as one lady wrote that there was a Perry Rigg who married an Edith ? and is buried in Brown Co.

BUT...the Allie Perry hits almost too close not to be it. Perry Allie Rigg.????????? My Perry A. supposedly married a Barker who I believe to be the sister to Inez M. and Ora Barker. This would give me the relationship to Dan... Powell who Inez Married. And Ora married Warren Shinnerbarger. All of these are buried in Brown Co. I went to visit these people with my father's sister when I was 7 or 8. I've made connection with Dan. and Inez's son who is still living but he doesn't know anything about his Barker line.

This will give me an new place to search. Thank you so much.

Luella Rigg Ostonal


Dear Ken and Laurie,

I cannot thank you enough, not many people would go to so much trouble for a stranger. I really appreciate this. I'll send what I have. I am in contact with Jim Powell (we think we're cousins???) but he doesn't know much. His mom is 93 and bless her she tries to remember, but had a stroke and just gets bits and pieces, here and there. She does remember Warren (Shinnerbarger) bringing a "lad" named James Rigg (my dad) by the house once. We have no idea as to time frame. It could have been when dad was young or later when he drove a truck. Here goes:

Dandrich Eli Powell b.July 19, 1885 d.24 Feb 1963 (Listed as Dan on SSDI) mar Inez M. Barker b.November 11, 1887 d. 28 Apr 1968

Carson Powell b.February 28, 1908 d.9 Nov 1979 mar Cleona Fern Whitefield b.April 11, 1907 Griggsville, Pike Co, Illinois (living in Stockton, Ca with son James) Carson and Cleo lived in Griggsville, Pike Co,Ill.

James Allen Powell mar November 05, 1932 mar Helen Benear b.March 23, 1911 d.October 11, 1979 Rio, Illinois

Harry Powell b.September 06, 1912 d.January 05, 1915

Wilbur "Buck" Powell b.February 19, 1916 Lives in Coatsburg, Adams Co. Ill. (residence or rest home??) Ruth Street b.February 27, 1917

Charles Powell d.1995 mar Margaret ??

Children of Carson and Cleo

James Robert Powell b.April 06, 1929 Mt. Sterling, Brown Co, Illinois this is the one I am in contact with, lives in Stockton, Ca.

Marylyn Marie Powell b.October 04 ?? d.July 1987 Stockton, San Joaquin Co, California

There are more but are living and don't know how they'd feel about my sharing. Haven't been in contact with them.

Ora Barker (sister of Inez)Was a school teacher in a one room school house, believe she was still teaching when I visited abt. 1955/57. mar Warren Shinnerbarger.

I think my Ggrandmother Barker is sister of Inez and Ora. I thought her name was Sarah but have doubts now. Did I tell you the story of finding a Sarah Rigg buried here in Springfield, who turned out to be my fathers step-mother? I have a drinking glass my aunt gave me that supposedly belonged to my ggrandmother, but now I don't know if it was hers or the stepmother, who I never knew about.???????

Perry Allie Rigg b.October 10, 1887 d.March 24, 1957 Springfield Mo. mar ?? Barker

Katherine Rigg b.April 21, 1912 (ILL?)d.September 30, 1999 Springfield, Green Co, Mo.

James Blanton Rigg b.19 Dec 1913 (ILL?) d.Apr 1 1993 Fredricktown, Missouri

Roy Rigg b.January 09, 1916 (ILL?) d.June 17, 1988 Springfield, Mo.

Perry Rigg b.February 16, 1917 (ILL?) d.July 17, 1991 Ca. (Always went by Riggs, I've found him on the SSDI as both, depending on where I looked.

This is a lot and probably a repeat of some of the things I've already sent, but wanted to give you all the dates I could.

My ggrandmother ?? Barker supposedly died when my dad was 7, abt. 1920, I always assumed in Ill. Don't know what of, I thought maybe in childbirth but have nothing to go on. A man named David Rigg on the internet found my uncle Perry's info on the Ca SSDI and it had his mothers maiden name as Barker. I wasn't sure before, but remembered the name then.

Hope all this makes sense, I had to copy each piece of info from my family tree maker, for some reason it wouldn't copy any of the reports?

Once again let me thank you and please let me know if I need to reimburse you for any expences.

Forever grateful,


Dear Luella,

Going back to the biographical sketch on the Joseph Rigg family, I wanted to give you a little more detail. Page 344 in Cemeteries of Brown County, IL (I already referenced this), Joseph Rigg (father of John and grandfather of Perry Rigg), was born in Greenup County, KY 15 Oct 1824. He moved with his parents (names not given) to Pike County, IL in 1836, where he married Elizabeth Ingram on 10 Jan 1847. they moved to a farm west of Versailles, Brown County, IL about 1866. Joseph & Elizabeth Rigg had 11 children. Joseph Rigg died 4 april 1892, and Elizabeth Ingram Rigg died in 1915, aged 84 years.

Children of Joseph & Elizabeth Rigg:

Eli Rigg - married Emma Vandeventer
Zachariah Rigg - married Leanna Vandeventer
Louisa Rigg - married Edward Wade
John B. Rigg - married 1) Allie [may be Almira] Perry 2) Julia Mobley 3)
Barbara Ingram Edmonston
Stephen Austin Rigg - married Ellen Perry
Emma Rigg - married Antone Ebarra
Edwin Rigg - married Ruthella Elliott
Lydia Rigg - married Jasper Patterson
Ovy Rigg - married Agnes Walker
Lillie Rigg - married Frank Elliott
Leona Rigg - married John Hoosier


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL p. 144 (Hersman Cemetery - Mt. Sterling twp):

Stephen A. Rigg 1859-1926
Ellen Perry, wife of Stephen A. Rigg 1863-1937
John B. Rigg 1857-1928
Barbara Ingram, wife of John B. Rigg 1867-1909
Edwin F. Rigg 1864-1942
Ruth Elliott, wife of Edwin F. Rigg 1867-1958
James A. Rigg, son of Stephen A. Rigg 1892-1942


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL, p. 372 (Westside Cem, Versailles twp):

Julia Rigg - "mother" (no dates given)


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL p. 140 (Hersman Cem - Mt. Sterling twp):

James H. Barker 1858-1927
Nettie [Jennette] Claridge, wife of James H. Barker 1864-1923
James Virgil Barker 1893-1965
Lola M. Chamberlain Barker, wife of James V. 1896-1964
Pearl Barker 7 Oct 1886-26 Oct 1972
Ira Barker 10 Sep 1885-26 Jul 1970
Inez Barker, wife of Dandridge E. Powell 1887-1968
Dandridge E. Powell 1885-1963
Ora Barker, wife of Warren Shinnebarger 1897-1966
Warren Shinnebarger 1892-1973


Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL, p. 64 (Hebron Cem - Elkhorn twp):

Sylvester F. Barker, son of James H. & J[ennette] Barker 24 Mar 1889-28 Jan 1891


1870 Fed Census, Elkhorn twp, Brown Co, IL 25/25:

Fletcher Ingram 28, b. IL
Mary Ingram 27, b. IL
Barbary Ingram 3, b. IL
Charles Ingram 2, b. IL
Elizabeth Ingram 1 month, b. IL


1880 Fed Census, Elkhorn twp, Brown Co, IL 223/227:

Fletcher Ingram 39, b. IL, both parents b. PA
Mary Ingram 38, b. IL, father b. VT, mother's pob not known
Barbary Ingram 13, b. IL
Charles Ingram 11, b. IL
Elizabeth Ingram 9, b. IL
George Ingram 7, b. IL
Mary Ingram 4, b. IL
Myrtle Ingram 2, b. IL
female infant 1 month, b. IL


Checked for Perrys with daughter named Allie in right age range. Found Almira, age 15 (1880) dau of David & amanda M. Perry). Allie could be a nickname.


1900 Fed Census, Buckhorn twp, Brown Co, IL 89/90: (very faint & hard to read)

James Shinnebarger, b. 1866 (33yr) married 8 yrs, (can't read pob or parents' pob)

Pheby Shinnebarger, b. Apr 1876 (24yr) 3 children born/3 children living, (can't read pob, parents are foreign born)

**Warren Shinnebarger, b. 1893 (6yr), b. IL

Harvey Shinnegarger, (5yr)

Albert Shinnebarger, (3yr)


1900 Fed Census, Cooperstown twp, Brown Co, IL 181/183:

Zachariah Powell, b. Apr 1848 (52yr), married 23 yr, b. IL, father b. TN, mother b. KY

Eliza Powell, b. May 1853 (47yr), 11 children/6 living, b. IL, parents both b. KY

Celia Starr (dau), b. Jul 1878 (21yr) widow, 2children/2living, b. IL (wid of

James, later md Harvey V. Alexander)

Charles Powell (son) b. Dec 1879 (20yr), single, b. IL

**Daniel D. Powell (son) b. Jul 1885 (14yr), b. IL (this may well be Dandridge E.-birth year matches)

Carl Powell (son) b. Apr 1889, b. IL

Ora Powell (son) b. Jul 1891, b. IL

Helen Starr (grdau) b. Dec 1896, b. IL (dau of James Starr & Celia Powell)

James Starr (grson) b. Mar 1899, 7 months, b. IL (son of James Starr & Celia Powell)


Checked for Barkers through entire 1900 census of Brown County - very few - none with children Inez and Ora.


1910 Fed Census, Mt. Sterling twp, Brown Co, IL 160/160:

James H. Barker 51, married 26yrs, b. IL, father b. IN, mother b. KY
Jennettie Barker 45, 8 children/7 living, b. IL, father b. TN, mother b. IL
James V. Barker 16, b. IL
Ora Barker 12, b. IL
Florence Barker 11, b. IL
Alla D. Barker (fem) 7, b. IL

Same Census 161/161:

Daniel E. Powell 24, married 5 yrs, b. IL, parents b. IL
Inez Powell 22, 2 children/2 living, b. IL, parents b. IL
Carson Powell 2, b. IL
James A. Powell 8 months, b. IL


That's all I have. I wish I could pin down Inez and Ora's sister, but it seems fairly clear that she and Perry were married by this time and living in the state of Missouri, as the Joseph Rigg family listing states.

I hope these will add something beneficial to your search.

Laurie Huffman
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