NAMES: Cooper, Rigg

Dear Luella,

What a wonderful discovery!! Isn't it odd that the greatest discoveries in genealogy come from such nearby sources?

About Hersman - we may have forgotten to respond to that question. Hersman is a village in Mt. Sterling township. If James was born in Hersman, his mother must have been visiting someone, since your family didn't live in that area.

Thank you for the additional information. We are planning a new item for the website for placement of some of our more involved requests and answers, in hopes it will be of use to others in the future, and help us avoid having to re-research a family or individual. Any new data that can make these searches more complete for others are greatly appreciated. I

t would be great if you would like to contribute a transcription of your aunt's Bible record to the Brown County site. Just let me know.

Do keep in touch.



sissy ostonal wrote:

Dear Laurie,

My nephew had my aunt Katherines bible right here not 3 miles from me. I have lots of new info.

Perry Allie Rigg b.Oct 10 1887 Anthony Kansas (Place is new to me)
d.Mar 24 1957 Springfield, Mo.
mar. Edith Barker b.June 27, 1890 ? d. Feb 4, 1920 ?
Married Oct 24, 1909 ? (All this is new)

I did find out Perry's father was named John Rigg.

Now what I find odd: There is a Perry A. Rigg buried in Brown Co, b.1888 (I think)d. 1957 (same as my Perry) next to Edith d. abt. 1909 (My grandparents were mar. in 1909??)

I wonder if this is my grandparents. Maybe they put the stone up when Edith died but why the guess at her death? And who put Perry's death date in????

Did I ever ask you if there was ever a town named Hersman??? I thought dad was born in Hershem (no such place).

That bible has given me lots of dates.

Thanks again, just wanted to share. Now I have to add Kansas to my searces. And apparently the Rigg clan has been around this part of Mo. for some time. Perry married Bell in 1952 and she was from here.



Dear Laurie,

I will be delighted to share but doesn't there have to be a definate Brown Co, connection? The bible only mentions Mo. and Ks. I was told my father and his siblings were all born in Ill. but have no solid proof. If this Edith actually died 1909, then she can't be my grandmother. My aunt Katherine (the oldest) was born 1912. My dad always said his mother died when he was 7 >1920, Bible says Feb. 4, 1920. And I know Perry was buried (1957) in Brookline, Mo. cemetery; funeral home file, Obit., tombstone etc.

Rigg, Edith________ ________145

Rigg, Perry________ ________145

Barker, Edith ________ ________28 (is this Edith Rigg?)
Barker, Inez ________ ________145
Barker, Ora ________ ________145

The bible says Perry was born in Anthony, Kansas. I visited the USGen state list last night for Kansas and found some Rigg but no Perry. I'm going digging today (internet). I also haven't found anything so far on John and Elizabeth Rigg in Mo.

I'm sorry to be such a pain, if you feel you have done enough I will understand. You have gone above and beyond the call my friend, and I certainly thank you.

I don't know why I can't link up other than through my personal email account. Is there a newsletter, if so let me know the cost, I'd love to receive it.

Thanks again and will let you know if I find anything. And I will be happy to share the bible findings if it is appropriate.

In you debt,