Names: Aber, Elliott, Ingram, Perry, Rigg

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Dear Judi,

I apologize for being so slow responding to this request. I’ve been traveling a bit more than usual. I’m leaving for Australia next Friday, so I figured that I better get this done. Anyway…


Here’s the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Hersman Cemetery, pp 145, 149


John B. Rigg, 1857 – 1928, brother of Stephen A. Rigg

Barbara J. Ingram, wife of John B. Rigg, 1867 – 1909

Stephen A. Rigg, 1859 – 1926

Ellen Perry, wife of Stephen A. Rigg, 1863 – 1937

James A. Rigg, son of Stephen and Ellen Rigg, 1892 - 1942

Wilbur Rigg, great grandson of Stephen and Ellen Rigg, 1934 – 1959

Edwin F. Rigg, Brother of Stephen A. Rigg, 1864 – 1942

Ruth Elliott, wife of Edwin F. Rigg, 1867 – 1958

Rigg, Infants, twin babies of Edwin and Ruth Rigg, [No date].

Clyde Rigg, 1891 – 1935

Daisy Aber, wife of Clyde Rigg, 1891 – 1970

Cleatus R. Rigg, son of Clyde and Daisy Rigg, 1911 - 1926

Edith Rigg, wife of Perry Rigg, [No dates] [Perry is only mentioned in this entry, there is no further information on him.]

Bennie E. Rigg, 9 Mar 1921 – 2 Jan 1945, Sgt 7th Inf 3rd Div, WWII

Stephen Rigg, 1889 – 1967



Ken Huffman



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I would appreicate information on RIGG on page 145 please. I am researching Edwin F. and Ruth ELLIOTT RIGG.

Thank you,

Judi Gilker

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Rigg, Barbara J. (Ingram)________ 145
Rigg, Bennie E.________ 145
Rigg, Cleatus R.________ 145
Rigg, Clyde________ ________145
Rigg, Daisy (Aber)________ 145
Rigg, Edith________ ________145
Rigg, Edwin F.________ 145
Rigg, Ellen (Perry)________ 145
Rigg, Infant________ ________145(2)
Rigg, James A.________ 145
Rigg, John B.________ ________145
Rigg, Perry________ ________145
Rigg, Ruth (Elliott)________ 145
Rigg, Stephen A.________ 145
Rigg, Stephen________ ________145
Rigg, Wilbur________ ________145