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Dear Hallie,
I have listed below the names you requested, plus two in the same cemetery who are probably part of this family, and 3 probates that might be of interest to you. The family seems to have all died within a few months of each other, except for Alexander. Orville Rutledge (probates) may be a survivor.
Hope these are of help to you.
Laurie Huffman
Cemeteries of Brown County, IL - Law Cemetery, Burckhorn township, p. 68.
Charles Rutledge (d. 10 Nov 1889, age 30y 11m)
Amanda Patterson Rutledge, wife of Charles (d. 30 Oct 1889, age 30y 8m 2d)
Samuel Rutledge (1 May 1889) No other dates given.
Alexander Rutledge (d. 15 Apr 1882 age 30y 8m 5d)
Brown County Probates (you can order these from the county probate clerk)
Charles Rutledge 1890 (Box #105)
Orville Rutledge 1947 (Box #166)
Susie A. Rutledge 1945 (Box #199)
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Subject: Lookup Brown County, ILL, Rutledge page 68

I would appreciate a lookup for Charles & Amanda Patterson Rutledge
Rutledge, Amanda (Patterson)________68
Rutledge, Charles________ 68
I appreciate your time & trouble.
Ventura, CA