Names: Campbell, Kerr, McClellan, Saxer, Vandeventer

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Here’s the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mt Sterling City Cemetery pp. 223, 234, 265

John Saxer, 3 May 1902, age 57 y, 2 m, 12 d. [p. 409-Misc burials, gives date 3 May 1902

Elizabeth Saxer, wife of john Saxer, 8 Aug 1917, age 67 y, 10 m, 3 d.

Charles Saxer, son of John and Elizabeth,1875 – 1913

Lulu M. Campbell, wife of Charles W. Saxer, 1884 – 1972

John Mason Saxer, son of John and Elizabeth Saxer,  19 Dec 1870 – 6 Jan 1889

Emma Saxer, wife of Arthur McClelland, [no dates], daughter of John and Elizabeth Saxer

Susannah Saxer, wife of Fred Saxer, 8 Feb 1850 – 19 Oct 1914

F. Saxer is the Fred mentioned above. No other info on him.

Mary Saxer Kerr 1882 – 1959

Robert A. Kerr 1877 – 1956 [no specific mention of the relationship to Mary above, but they are listed together.]


Mt Zion Cemetery, p. 344

George W. Saxer,  d. age 67 y. [no dates]


Westside Cemetery, p. 372

Ann Vandeventer Saxer, 1936 – 1963, daughter of Charles M. Vandeventer and Pearl Hanks

James Edward Saxer, 1938, age 6m., son of J & E Saxer [possibly John and Elizabeth]

Viola E. Saxer, 24 Jan 1928 – 10 Feb 1928



Ken Huffman


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Ken & Laurie--

Could I get information for the following people?  They are in the Book "Cemeteries of Brown County, IL".  Also relationship to each other, if available, would be very helpful.  Thank you.   --Linda G.

Saxer, Ann (Vandeventer)________ 372
Saxer, Charles W.________ 234
Saxer, E.________ ________372
Saxer, Elizabeth________ 234
Saxer, F.________ ________234
Saxer, George W.________ 344
Saxer, J.________ ________372
Saxer, James Edward________ 372
Saxer, John Mason________ 234
Saxer, John________ ________234,409
Saxer, Lulu M. (Campbell)________ 234
Saxer, Mary________ ________223
Saxer, Susanna________ 234
Saxer, Viola E.________ 372