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Here are the names you requested:


Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972

Beckam Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township, p. 285, 287:


            Catherine J. w/o Daniel Shank (died 15 Nov 1885 aged 40-10-11)

            Infant son of D. Shank (died 3 Jan 1885)

            Infant daughter of D. & C. H. Shank (died 17 Nov 1874)

Charity Bell Shank (no dates or relationship given)

Nancy Shank (died 13 Aug 1854 aged 62 years)

George W. Shank, s/o W. & J. E. Shank (died 26 Aug 1849 aged 1-7-0)


P. 287: “The Shank family was an early one in this vicinity”. This page gives Nancy Shank’s age at death as 64 years, rather than 62. It is impossible to know which is correct. There is also a variation in Catherine’s middle initial. Other sources will be needed to determine the correct one.


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Would you kindly share whatever information you have for the following individuals. I found their names on the Brown County Burials found on the Brown County USGen website.


Thank you so much for your help and time! You are greatly appreciated.




Nancy Morrill



Shank, Nancy - 285

Shank, Catherine J. - 285

Shank, Charity Bell - 285

Shank, D. - 285

Shank, George W. - 285

Shank, Infant Dau. - 285(2)

Shank, J.E. - 285

Shank, W. - 285