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There are no cemetery listings in Brown County for Stephen and Sarah Shepherd, or for Rhoda Gray. There are snatches of family information in History of Brown County, Illinois, which I will scan and attach.


The scanned page from History of Brown County Illinois has three brief biographies of members of the Shepherd family. Please note that the information appears to contradict the census, especially when comparing ages and places of birth. I believe this may be because the individuals may or may not be the same persons, or different individuals wrote the biographical information, and, as we know, the census cannot be relied on for absolute accuracy. The names appear to be repeated on generational levels, and the couple referred to as "Andrew and Sarah" may or may not be "Stephen & Sarah". They seem to have children with the same names, though not born the same years. But I do believe the families are all tied together somehow.


I noticed that in the 1880 census, Stephen Shepherd is again born in Virginia, and his parents are born in England.


It seems about 99% probably that William Wesley Shepherd is a brother of Stephen, as he is listed next door in 1870, but is too old to be a son. A brief bio of Wesley states that his father was William Wesley Shepherd Sr., who was born in Ireland. That would make him the father of Stephen, as well, if all the suppositions hold upSince the bio is short, I will include it, with any other info that might be applicable.


Please note for future reference that there is a complete index of the cemetery listings on our website under "Permanent Resident Index".


Laurie Huffman


Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project




Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972

Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp 167, 189


Michael Gray (d. 1904 aged 76 years) Born in Cloghean, County Tipperary, Ireland

James Gray (1811-1890)

Mary, w/o James Gray (1812-1910)




1870 Federal Census, Illinois, Brown County, Pea Ridge Township:



    Stephen Shepherd, 56, farmer, b. Virginia

    Sarah Shepherd, 40, keeping house, b. Indiana

    Brice Shepherd, 22, farm laborer, b. Indiana

    Henry Shepherd, 20, farm hand, b. Indiana

    Mary Shepherd, 17, at home, b. Indiana

    Stephen Shepherd, 17, at home, b. Indiana

    Jasper Shepherd, 14, at home, b. Iowa

    Minerva Shepherd, 14, at home, b. Iowa

    Jackson Shepherd, 5, at home, b. Illinois


    Wesley Shepherd, 30, farmer, b. Indiana

    Elizabeth Shepherd, 31, keeping house, b. Illinois

    William Shepherd, 4, at home, b. Illinois (See Bio below)

    Emma Shepherd, 3, at home, b. Illinois

    Petter (Peter?) Shepherd, 2 or 12, at home, b. Illinois (the age had 12 written in, with a two squeezed in above it. Two seems more likely,

             but one never knows)












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dear laurie,

i just sent an e-mail to ken regarding the gray and shepherd families. michael and rhoda gray were still in marion county, mo in 1870 but stephen shepherd and sarah had their family at pea ridge. eventually josephus gray marries minerva shepherd.(my ggrandparentsstepneh and sarah shepherd are my gg grandparents as are michael and rhoda gray. stephen is listed on p91 in the 1870 census. i would like to know the burial grounds of michael-rhoda gray and stephen-sarah shepherd. josephus and minerva are buried in quincy.

thanks    [email protected]


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