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Dear Dorothy,

For some reason the server that provided the cemeteries has either changed or gone out of service and they didn’t tell me. As an alternative, go to:

There you will find township maps giving the names and locations of the cemeteries.


Based on the cemetery listings in the book “Cemeteries of Brown County” there are no Shinns buried in the county. If there were they have been lost. There are microfilms of the newspapers for certain periods of time in the county that may contain an obituary. However, we are talking about 1830’s through the 1860’s and such information may be rare. However, check the the Versailles Historical Society, they may also have early obituaries in their collection. However, I suspect that they may have moved on before they died or may be buried in one of the surrounding counties. This will also complicate the location of any probates.


Here is the census information:

1860 Federal Census for Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp


Asa Shinn 30 m Farmer Indiana

Mrs. B. E. Shinn 26 f Ohio

Henry D. Shinn 8 m Illinois



Jacob Shinn 29 m farmer Ohio

Mrs. E. Shinn 29 f Illinois

M. C. Shinn 9 f Illinois

N. E. Shinn 4 f Illinois

George W. Shinn 1 m Illinois



Joab Shinn 68 m farmer New Jersey

Mrs. N. Shinn 63 f Kentucky

Elizabeth Shinn 35 f Ohio

James H. Green 9 m Illinois

Jane Niswonger 22 f Illinois


1870 Federal Census for Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp


John Shinn 49 m farmer Ohio

Frances Shinn 46 f Tennessee

Mariah Shinn 20 f Illinois

Asa Shinn 22 m farm hand Illinois   [Listed out of age order in census]

Lorenzo Shinn 19 m farm hand Illinois

Florence Shinn 18 f Illinois

Ulysses Shinn 13 m Illinois

Gustavus Shinn 11 m Illinois

Manfred Shinn 10 m Illinois

Olive Shinn 6  f Illinois

Clara Shinn 2 f Illinois



Nancy Shinn 74 f keeping house Kentucky

Elizabeth 53 f Ohio



Arthur Conley 36 laborer Iowa

Sarah Conley 25 f Kentucky

Dora Conley 9 f Illinois

William Conley 6 m Illinois

Laura Conley 3 f Illinois

John R. Conley 5/12 m Illinois,  b. Jan


Looking at this data it sure looks like there should be some Shinns buried in the county. Elkhorn Twp has a south border on Pike County. Could they be buried there?


No bribery required. I do this because I love it and when I have time. Right now I’m nearly caught up so the wait isn’t long.


I hope this helps.



Ken Huffman


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I have just started searching in Brown County, so have a million questions and requests. 

There is something wrong with the cemetery connection, I cannot get to the list of cemeteries in Brown County.  I am looking for Elkhorn Township in particular - Joab Shinn.  I have sent off an request for that lookup.

Do you know where one could possibly obtain a copy of an obituary?  I have discovered hole in what I had believed to be fact concerning my connection to the Shinn line.  That is a horror story really, to think you have fact, build from it and find it full of holes.  So now I have to back track and see what the truth is.  We had been led to believe Joab Shinn and his wife Nancy English had a daughter named Abigail Elizabeth Emma born in Ohio about 1820.  She fit right in with all of the other information we had - until I got in touch with a descendent of an older sister, he ask about her, how did I come up with her connection to the family - story handed down from person to person - then I found a women who had copies of bible sheets - all of the other children are there, but no Abigail.  We were missing one census that would tell me if she was part of the family, so I bought the 1830 Dearborn County, Indiana census - by taking the birthdates/ages of the other children, she is not there either, so..........

I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is an obituary that would tell the names of his children.  I have also requested a lookup of Probate information, maybe a will. 

Also I found lookup volunteers for the different census - but now I can't find that page again.

I would like to know what the 1860 census has to say about the Shinn family.  E914 - Asa, E915 - Jacob and E916 - Joab.

Then the 1870 census E26 - John and E27 - Nancy as well as E99 for Arthur Conley.

I know this is a bunch of stuff to request, but I don't know where else to go.

Let me bribe you a bit - I do lookups in Pike County, have both the Chapman and Thompson books as well as the Past and Present by Massie, Vol. !, III and IV of the cemetery books. Be more than glad to do lookups for you or anyone else.

Thanks for your assistance and guidance.