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Dear Terri,

Iím guessing that Vicki Sides-Jackson either does not reply to emails or her email is returned undeliverable. The latter condition typically indicates that she has changed her email address and she hasnít let me know her new one. If she is not replying, itís possible she has more than one account but never checks the one you are sending to.  In either case, without something from her, I do not have the ability to locate her.


Something I can do is look up the Cemteries entry:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, p. 354


South Side Cemetery, Versailles.


Deliah, wife of Michael Sides, 1 March 1875, aged 83 yrs, 2 mos, 25 days


There is no entry for Michael. His name appears due to his relationship to Deliah


However, she is listed in the 1870 Census.


1870 Federal Census of Brown county, Illinois, Versailles Twp


Wilson Sides 35 m farmer North Carolina

Polly Sides 48 f North Carolina

Laura Sides 16 f Illinois

William Sides 12 m Illinois

Howard Sides 10 m Illinois

Delilah Sides 76 f  North Carolina


Notice the spelling change on her given name between the records.



Ken Huffman


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I hate to bother you folks, I know how busy you surely are.

My name is Terri Lloyd and I'm a direct descendent of (John) Michael and Delila Sides as well as David and Elizabeth Six.  Both families were in Brown County, Illinois from the early 1800's on.


First off, under surnames there is a woman by the name of Vicki Sides-Jackson.  I've been unable to find her since December 2001.  Do you know where I can find her?  She had much Sides information then dropped off the face of the earth.  Any thoughts?


The big question is........Cemetery info:  On page 354 of your index "Cemeteries of Brown  County 1825-1972 you have Delila and Michael Sides listed on the same page.

Could I please get any information you have on them?

We had no idea Michael went to Illinois with his wife and Children because he was NEVER listed on the tax records or census'.  Just Delila and children. Her oldest Son John remained in Brown County until his death as well.


Thank you so much for your information.  I can hardly wait and so much appreciate your help.


Terri Lloyd