Names: Davis, Greenwell, Jackson, Lappin, Logsdon, McCoy, McKinney, Metz, Morgan, Newby, Osborn, Quinn, Six

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I decided to include all the Six family members listed on p. 235 of the cemetery book. Some will be those you requested (I have highlighted them) and others might, at some point, be of further interest to you.


Please also check the following page on our website for responses to others researching this surname:




Laurie Huffman



Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972


Cross Roads Cemetery, Cooperstown twp, p. 41


            Iva (LOGSDON) SIX, w/o W. R. SIX, and d/o Aaron (Kicksey) SIX and Mary MCKINNEY. (26 Oct 1885 14 May 1903)


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 235, 266


            Zerelda SIX, w/o John SIX (d. 24 June 1903, aged about 90 years)

            Dr. A. D. SIX (3 May 1828 30 Nov 1897)

            Rachel OSBORN, w/o A. D. SIX (2 Aug 1846 14 Apr 1916)

            Jessie, d/o A. D. and R. SIX (d. 12 Sep 1883, aged 9 yrs.)

            Charles S. SIX (21 Feb 1869 17 Jul 1909)

            Anna METZ, w/o C. S. SIX (2 Jan 1872 7 Dec 1922)

            William SIX (24 Jan 1836 2 Jul 1890)

            Susan (JACKSON) E. SIX, w/o W. H. SIX ( d 24 Jan 1882, aged ??) No age given.

            Daniel SIX (1824 1896)

            Anna QUINN,1st w/o Daniel SIX (1834 1892)

Mary B. DAVIS, d/o D. and A. SIX (d. 29 June 1884, aged 29y 7m 29d) Checked all DAVIS names in this cemetery and found no  spouse. Not

 certain whether this is a part of her given name or a married name.

            Margaret NEWBY, 2nd w/o Daniel SIX (10 Oct 1845 14 Nov 1924)

            Abram SIX (24 Jun 1826 15 Jun 1898)

            Elizabeth, w/o A. SIX (13 Nov 1826 20 Dec 1896)

            Oliver SIX ( 20 Jun 1841 24 Sep 1919)

            James K. Polk SIX (d. 26 Jan 1920) No age given.

            William SIX (d. 9 Oct 1947) No age given.

            Charles SIX (d. 31 Jul 1927) No age given. He is the s/o of Dr. A. D. and Rachel (OSBORN) SIX.

            Ned SIX No other information given.

            Sylvester SIX (d. Aug 1876, aged 25 yrs)

            William SIX (d. 1887, aged 40 yrs)

            John SIX (d. aged 40 yrs) No dates given.

            John B. SIX (1855, died ??) This is presumably his birth year. No other dates given.

            Cynthia Ann SIX, d/o J. and S. SIX (1858-1859)

            Abbie SIX (1885-1954)

            John SIX (?? 49 yrs) No other information given.

            John SIX (1855 1865)

            Sarah A. SIX (d. 1858, 1yr)

            Wesley SIX (3 Sep 1835 8 Aug 1921)

            Fairy LAPPIN SIX (1923 1962)


Others buried under spouses name (same cemetery):


            Ida SIX, w/o James A. MORGAN (1871 1941)

            Martha SIX, w/o Ralph O. MCCOY, and d/o Dr. A. D. and Rachel (OSBORN) SIX. (1884 1958)

            Julia SIX, w/o James GREENWELL, and d/o Wesley SIX (1873 - 1947







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These are all on p. 235 I believe. 

Daniel Six

Anna Quinn Six

James K. Six

Rachel Osborn Six

A. D. Six

Oliver P. Six

Ned Six

Zerelda Six

Mary B. Davis Six


p. 41

Iva Logsdon Six


I would certainly appreciate you looking this up for me.  Thanks!!!!!!!