Biddle, Newenham, Pelsor, Sorrell

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Subject: RE: Brown County (1870 Census Index)

Dear Shirley,


I don’t mind doing extra lookups. The limit of three per request helps keeps requests small and some people from asking for every name under Smith.



Here’s the information you requested:


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp


Levi Sorrell 30 m laborer Illinois

Jane Sorrell 25 f Illinois

Lucy Sorrell 2 f Illinois

George Sorrell 1 m Illinois



George Newenham 24 m laborer Illinois

Paulina Newenham 24 f Illinois

William Newenham 1 m Illinois

William Newenham 36 m laborer Illinois

Mary Newenham 24 f Illinois

Sarah Newenham 6 f Illinois

Rosa Newenham 3 f Illinois

Lucy Newenham 2/12 f Illinois



Elijah Newenham 45 m laborer Illinois

Hannah Newenham 32 f Illinois

Mary Newenham 15 f Illinois

Joel Newenham 13 m Illinois

William Newenham 9 m Illinois

James Newenham 5 m Illinois



Absolom Newenham 24 m laborer Illinois

Phoneta Newenham 20 f Illinois

Elizabeth Newenham 8/12 f Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Town of Mt Sterling



Elizabeth Biddle 60 f England

Mary Newenham 30 f England

Mary Newenham 8 f Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Versailles Twp



Isaiah Pelser 39 m cooper Ohio

Evaline Pelser 17 f Indiana

John T. Pelser 86 m Missouri

Catherine A. Pelser 77 f Virginia



Ken Huffman



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Sure appreciate your help.
Have found a few more people to look up.
Isaiah Pelser   V239
Levi Sorrell      E57
Elijah Newenham   E196*

That's my three but maybe you can put these on another request.
Absolom neweenham  E203
George Neweham   E70
Mary Newenham  Ms53

Thanks so much.
Shirley Honaker