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Dear Steven,

Before 1915, the death records were held at the county. Brown County claims they have death records back to 1878.  Since you have an exact death date, your request for information should be easily researched. I have burial records for all of Brown County but neither she nor John appear there. You may want to write or call the County Clerks Office to see if they will check their death records. Also the Versailles Area Genealogical and Historical Society  have a collection of all the obituaries from the newspapers. They might be able to find something there. The County Clerks Address is:

Brown County Clerk
Courthouse Bldg
200 West Court, Rm 4
Mt. Sterling, IL 62353
(217) 773-3421


The Historical Society Address:

Versailles Area Genealogical and Historical Society
P.O. Box 92
Versailles, IL 62378
Website -


Hope this helps a little.


Ken Huffman


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Dear Mr. Huffman:

         Dose Brown CO Have Death Records for 1904 i just tracked down my Gr Gr Grandmother I thought she only married 2 times but she snuck anther husband in on me she married  a John Stinson in Brown Co. 27 Feb 1896  a 5th or 6th cousin sent me the Info on her  with the info on her marriage  and a date of her death i can not find a cem record so i assume there is a death record out there  her name would have been Rebecca Stinson Born Feb 13 1844 and died in Brown Co. on 12 March 1904 maybe you can find a cem record for her

                                                             thank You

                                                                   Steven M Fry