Names: Bradshaw, DeJames, Harroan, Jaques, Laroone, Long, Newell, Reeves, Sturdevant

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Dear Audrey,


Here are your cemetery lookups. I have included closely connected individuals, in case you do not already have them. In the case of the Hiram Jaques family, there are also married daughters in this cemetery. If you would like those as well, just let me know.


I have included some Sturdevant marriages from the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. I chose only those that seemed obvious matches or in Brown County or a closely connected county. You may already have these. If not, I suggest you go to that site (we have a link on our page) and check the other family names. They seem to have scattered after their father died. Also, I checked, and there is no probate listing in Brown County for Edgar Sturdevant.


I hope these listing will be of help to you.


Laurie Huffman

CoCoordinator, Brown Co, ILGenweb




Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972

Jaques Cemetery, Elkhorn Township, pp 66, 67:


    Edgar Sturdevant (d. 13 Feb 1863, aged 47 years) p. 67: Edgar Sturdevant was a relative of the Jaques family.

    Hiram Jaques (d. 12 May 1895, aged 80y 9m 8d)

        Nancy Reeves, wife of Hiram Jaques (d. 4 Sep 1896, aged 73y 3m 17d)

        Rosa, d/o H. & N. Jaques (d 13 Sep 1883, aged 17y 1m 2d)

        Nephi Jaques, s/o H. & N. Jaques (d. 27 May 1878, aged 33y 24d)

        Lucretia Jaques, d/o H. & N. Jaques, (d. 22 Oct 1853 aged 7m)


Ripley Cemetery, Ripley Township, p. 320, 330.


    Roy H., s/o C.D. & R. A. Newell, (d. 1 Oct 1897, aged 18d) p. 330: There is no additional information here on the parents, only a repeat of the    

        original listing.


Versailles, South Side Cemetery, p. 354:


    Clirinda Sturdevent, wife of G. H. Sturdevant (d. 7 Sep 1871, aged 30 y) Note: The husband is not listed as buried in this cemetery.


From the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index:


STURDEVANT, ERSKIN A                 DEJAMES, MARY A                      08/21/1882    /     00001375 PIKE               
STURDEVANT, ERSKIN A                 LONG, EMELINE (MRS)                  11/12/1883 00B/0014 00004438 SCOTT              
STURDEVANT, FRANK                    BRADSHAW, SOPHIA                     07/04/1868 C  /66   874      BROWN

STURDEVANT, GEORGE H                 LAROONE, CLARINDA                    05/28/1861 A&B/     00001010 BROWN              

HARROAN, GEORGE T                    STURDEVANT, OLIVE                    07/07/1864 C  /21   253      BROWN 




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My first visit to the Brown Co., IL online came up with the offer for Cemetery Look ups.

I would appreciate your assistance.

My search is for..........

Sturdevant, Clirinda page 354

                  G. H.           354

                 Edgar            66


Jaques Hiram 66, 407

Newell, C,D       320


Thank your for your time and consideration

Audrey Garretson     [email protected]