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Dear Bob,
You might want to contact Jenny Matson directly. I do not know what information she has or how much she has gathered on the Tice's but she has been requesting lookups on all her family line for the last couple years.

Answers to your questions:
1 Based on the History you referred to Samuel is the son of John. This is further hinted at in the 1850 census where they are living next door to each other and Samuel is 29 and John is 55.

2. There are many reasons why John does not show up in the cemetery listings. Here are some:
a. Burials in the cemeteries before 1850 are relatively rare.
b. He may have been buried on his farm in an unrecorded and poorly marked grave.
c. If he was buried in the cemetery, the record may have been lost. Many of the recorded burials in the Cemeteries Book were gotten by someone actually checking and reading the stones that were still in existence. If John's headstone didn't survive, his burial was lost.
d. The family may have transported him out of the county for burial, a family graveyard in some other county - possible but not very likely in 1850.

3. According to the 1850 Census John's wife's name is Polly. See: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilbrown/1850_Census/Brown_County_1850_Census211.html#fam161

Based on the information we have, it's really hard to tell if this John is the son of your Jacob. That's why I suggest contacting Jenny. She may have some additional information about John's ancestry that will answer this question.

I hope this helps a little. Please note that our email address has changed. We moved to Atlanta a couple weeks ago.

Ken Huffman

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I am a "Tice", originally from Menard county, and am just starting to trace
some of my ancestors.  My questions are focused on Tice Family History pages
of the "Brown County Cemeteries" book, pp 625-8 (referenced in your June 2,
2002 response to Jenny Matson at

1.  Do you know if John and Samuel Tice were related?  And if so, how?

2.  According to the Tice Family History pages, John died July 15, 1851.  In
reviewing the Brown county web site, I noted that Fleming Tice (John's son)
is buried in Brown county;  however, John wasn't mentioned.  Do you know
where John died and/or where John is buried?

3.  Do you know the name of John Tice's wife?

By way of background, my 4th great grandfather, Jacob Tice, was born in
Germany around 1740, immigrated to the US in the mid/late 1750's and ended
up in Floyd County, Virginia.  One of his sons, Jacob Jr. (b. 1783), moved
to Menard county around 1830.  Jacob (Sr.) had another son, John (b. about
1787), who I believe married Elizabeth Sowers.  I am trying to figure out if
"my" John Tice is the same as the "Brown County" John Tice.

As a beginner, I hope that my questions are appropriate, and in any case,
thanks in advance for whatever response my questions warrant.

Also, thanks to you and others for the Brown county web site.  It's quite
informative and well-laid out.  Good work!

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