Abbot, Byers, Chapman, Hetrick, Minnium, Parker, Reddick, Redille, Thomas, Tinnen, Wilgus

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Dear Phyllis,

Here's the information you requested:


1860 Census of Brown County, Mt Sterling Twp


Nancy Tinnen 59 f Kentucky

William Tinnen 29 m Illinois

Mary J. Tinnen 26 f Illinois

James R. Tinnen 24 m Illinois



Robert Tinnen 68 m North Carolina

Elizabeth Tinnen 53 f Kentucky



Hugh Tinnen 64 m farmer North Carolina

Mrs. E. Tinnen 53 f Kentucky

M. E. Tinnen 15 f Illinois

J. D. Tinnen 12 m Illinois

J. A. Tinnen 8 m Illinois

Mary Tinnen 56 f North Carolina


1860 Census of Brown County, Cooperstown Twp


H. F. Minnium 22 m farmer Pennsylvania

Mrs. S. E. Minnium 17 f Illinois

John Minnium 9 m Illinois



Sampson Minnium 49 m Carpenter Pennsylvania [There is a mark in the "Married within the year" column This is not too likely since they are all from Pennsylvania. My guess is that it's really for H. F. above and John belongs in this family and has an incorrect place of birth]

Mrs. Julia A. Minnium 49 f  Pennsylvania

Mary E. Minnium 17 f Pennsylvania

Adduta Minnium 14 f Pennsylvania

David Minnium 8 m Pennsylvania



Henry Minnium 70 m farmer Pennsylvania

Mrs. M. J. Minnium 70 f Pennsylvania

James Byers 16 m Pennsylvania



Samuel Thomas 33 m Farmer Ohio

Mrs. Mary Thomas 24 f Pennsylvania

Samuel Chapman 14 m Illinois

Samuel Abbot 8 m Illinois

Adeline Minnuim 7 f Illinois

Amelia Minnium 4 f Illinois

Hannah Minnium 23 f Pennsylvania

Margaret Parker 70 f Kentucky



J. P. Hetrick 25 m farmer Pennsylvania

Mrs. C. Hetrick 25 f Illinois

Mary J. Hetrick 5 f Illinois

Franklin Hetrick 2 m Illinois



Solomon Hetrick 25 m farmer Pennsylvania

Mrs. N. A. Hetrick 27 f Missouri



N. S. Hetrick 31 m farmer Pennsylvania

Mrs. R. J. Hetrick 27 f Illinois

D. A. Hetrick 10 f Illinois

C. D. Hetrick 7 m Illinois

Marion Hetrick 5 m Illinois

S. S. Hetrick 3 f Illinois

A.H. Hetrick 2 m Illinois



Michael Hetrick 61 shoemaker Pennsylvania

Mrs. E. Hetrick 54 f Illinois

Michael Hetrick 18 m farming Illinois

George W. 11 m Illinois



Thomas Reddick 51 m farmer Ohio

Mrs. E. J. Reddick 47 f Kentucky

Pleasant Reddick 21 m Illinois

James Reddick 15 m Illinois

Jesse Reddick 8 m Illinois

John Reddick 7 m Illinois

Franklin Reddick 4 m Illinois



G. W. Wilgus 23 m farmer Ohio

Mrs. N. M. Wilgus 22 f Kentucky

W. H. Wilgus 9/12 m Illinois

William Brown 10 m Illinois


1860 Census of Brown County, Versailles Twp


D. C. Reddick 20 m Farmer Illinois

Mrs. L. J. 20 f Illinois

Julia O. Reddick 1/12 f Illinois


1860 Census of Brown County, Buckhorn Twp


T. M. Reddick 26 m farmer Illinois

Mrs. Sarah Reddick 27 f Louisiana

James C. Reddick 2 m Illinois




1870 Census of Brown County, Buckhorn Twp


Thomas Redille 60 m farmer Ohio

Eliza J. Redille 57 f Kentucky

James M. Redille 27 m Illinois

John Redille 18 m Illinois

Franklin Redille 14 Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Cooperstown Twp


Nicholas Hetrick 40 m farmer Pennsylvania

Rebecca Hetrick 38 f Illinois

Duar Hetrick 20 f Illinois

Clinton Hetrick 18 m Illinois

Gabriel Hetrick 15 m Illinois

Sarah Hetrick 13 f Illinois

Alfred Hetrick 11 m Illinois

James H. Hetrick 9 m Illinois

William Hetrick 6 m Illinois

Mary Hetrick 1 f Illinois



Solomon Hetrick 34 m farmer Pennsylvania

Nancy Hetrick 30 f Missouri

Zelphie Hetrick 8 f Illinois

Henry Hetrick 5 m Illinois

William Hetrick 1 m Illinois



Michael Hetrick 70 m shoemaker Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Hetrick 65 f Pennsylvania

Samuel Aulburt 18 m Illinois



James Hetrick 42 m farmer Pennsylvania

Sarah Hetrick 34 f Illinois

Mary Hetrick 15 f Illinois

Benjamin Hetrick 12 m Illinois

Stephen Hetrick 9 m Illinois

Michael Hetrick 6 m Illinois

George Hetrick 1 m Illinois



Pleasant Reddick 33 m cooper Illinois

Hannah Reddick 33 f Pennsylvania

Amelia Reddick 14 f Illinois

Francis Reddick 1 m Illinois


Glad you were able to get the files in a format where you could read them.



Ken Huffman



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Subject: Census Look-ups


Hi Ken,


Thanks for advice about Wordpad..  I was able to open some of them with

that program.  The others, I just downloaded again.


Now, I have a list of names for the 1860 and 1870 Censuses.  Mostly, the

same families.





Hetrick, J. P.        C438

     "    , Michael     C451

          ,  N. S.        C450

     "    , Solomon    C449


Minnium, AdelineC434

Minnium, H. F.C419

Minnium, HenryC431

Minnium, SampsonC420


Reddick, D. C.     V741

      "      , Thomas C481

Rederick, T. M.     B1192


Tinnen, Hugh        MStwp 294

     "     , Mary            "     294

     "     , Nancy           "    241

     "     , Robert           "    242


Wilgus, G. W.        C594





Hetrick, James    C192

    "       , Michael  C191

     "      ,  Nicholas C189

     "      ,  Solomon C190


Reddick, Pleasant 194

Redille, Thomas B109*



Yes, I will wait patiently.  And thank you very much for all your help and

good advice.


Phyllis in Oregon