Names: Houston, Tucker

From: Ken and Laurie Huffman [[email protected]]
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To: Rebecca Sandberg
Subject: RE: Brown County (1860 Census Index) Tucker


Here’s the information you requested:

1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp

1104/1054  31 July 1860

Colsun Tucker 62 m farmer Virginia   [sp. given name as in the record.]



Robert Tucker 52 m carpenter Virginia

Mrs. N. Tucker 50 f Kentucky

Thomas Tucker 14 m Illinois

Louisa Tucker 13 f Illinois


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Buckhorn Twp

1189/1134    4 Aug 1860

Mrs. E. Tucker 26 f Kentucky

M. J. Houston 5 f Illinois

D. H. Houston 4 m Illinois

N. E. Tucker 1 f Illinois


1259/1199   8 Aug 1860

Green Tucker 43 m carpenter Virginia

L. A. Tucker 19 m farmer Illinois

F. M. Tucker 17 m Illinois

A. B. Tucker 15 m Illinois

M. A. Tucker 11 f Illinois

H. W. Tucker 9 m Illinois

Amanda Tucker 7 f Illinois

Colson Tucker 4 m Illinois

Nancy Tucker 2 f Illinois


Just a note: There is a Uriah Houston living next door to Green Tucker.



Ken Huffman


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Subject: Brown County (1860 Census Index) Tucker


Ken or Laurie,

I am looking for in the 1860 Census the parents of Henry Warren Tucker, b 1850 Brown county. That married Diantha Groves.


I saw in one name lookup 2 tucker families for the 1860 census, but they don’t have a Henry.

Would you be so kind as to check for him with the remaining Tuckers listed in the index, I”ve ordered it most likely to least likely.

Tucker, Robert






Tucker, Colson



Tucker, Green






Tucker, Mrs. E.




Thank you, Rebecca

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