NAMES: Henricks, Scherrer

I was in Ripley this summer and took these pictures of this log cabin located there behind a church. Does anyone know the history of this cabin? it's current owner? or, the legal description? During my short visit I was unable to locate anyone who knew anything about it. It appears that it might be one of Brown County's earlier buildings.
[From a Brown County Visitor]

Dec 2004 - Response
My grandparents lived there almost all their lives. Their names were James "Shorty" Hendricks and Irma Hendricks (Scherrer). Not sure who owns it now, it was sold at auction. we now live in Arizona, but 90% of the Hendricks family lives in Brown County. Please, email me with any questions and I will try to help you.
Gregg Whaley -- [email protected]