Names: Bonnfield, Burgessor, Hyer, McFarland, Vandeventer, Wells

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Dear Steve,

Here’s the information you requested:


Vandeventer Cemetery pp 349-354

Cornelius Vandeventer d. 7 Oct 1865, aged 82 y, 7 m, 14 d

Elihu Vandeventer  d. 16 May 1887, aged 76 y, 4 m, 24 d

Eliza, dau. of C. & E. Vandeventer d. 20 Jun 1833, aged 13 y, 5 m, 5 d

Elizabeth (Hyer) wife of Cornelius Vandeventer d. 5 Sep 1825, aged 38 y

Joseph, son of C. & E. Vandeventer d. 29 Dec 1831, aged 16 y , 4 m, 27 d

Margaret (Bonnfield), wife of Elihu Vandeventer (19 Oct 1819 – 25 Jan 1907)

Peter S. Vandeventer d. 31 May 1833, aged 24 y, 5 m, 4 d

Peter S., son of E. & Z. Vandeventer d. 14 Sep 1848, aged 4 y, 1 m, 8 d

Susannah (Hyre) McFarland, wife of Cornelius Vandeventer, d. 15 Jun 1862, aged 72 y, 1 m, 10 d

William H. Vandeventer 26 Mar 1842 – 5 Aug 1910

William H. Vandeventer d. 2 Jun 1833, aged 26 y, 6 m, 22 d

Zipporah (Wells) wife of Elihu Vandeventer d. 14 Sep 1844, aged 27 y, 1 m, 14 d


William H. McFarland 9 Dec 1863, aged 47 y, 4 m


Westside Cemetery, Versailles pp 360-387

George W. Burgessor  24 Oct 1823 – 21 Aug 1895

Elizabeth (Vandeventer) wife of Geo. W. Burgessor 26 Jun 1827 – 6 Aug 1911

W. Slater Burgessor 1853-1927

Marion Burgessor 1858-1926

Margaret J. Burgessor 1861-1925

Cornelius A. Burgessor 1860-1943

Charles Henson Burgessor 1866 – 1948 (misc. bur. on p. 412: 10 Jul 1948)


Roxanna, wife of C. A. Burgessor 1867-1923


The server that provides the cemeteries list is offline. If they don’t get it fixed soon, I’ll remove the link. As an alternative, you can access the township maps that show location and names of the cemeteries and burial grounds in each township on:


The only help I get is from the other look up volunteers. I respond to all requests that I get.


Ken Huffman




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Subject: BrownCo IL cemetery lookups


Thank you for all the effort that you invest in making information available to researchers such as myself. Looking over your BrownCo IL cemetery name index I find that you have information about almost everyone in a group of distant cousins who moved to the BrownCo area of SchulyerCo in the early 1800s. The names and pages are:


P350: Vandeventer




     Elizabeth (Hyre)


     Margaret (Bonnfield)

     Peter S (both)

     Susannah (Hyre McFarland)

     William H (both)

     Zipporah (Wells)


P349: McFarland

     William (d~1825)


P361: Burgessor

     George W

     Elizabeth (Vandeventer)

     William Slater

     Marion Nelson

     Margaret Jane


P29: Burgessor

     Cornelius Albert


P412: Burgessor

     Charles Henson


Although there are potentially many more connections, I have limited my interest to one generation away from the Hire/Hyre/etc name that I am actually researching.


I would appreciate it very much if you could provide the complete inscription (as much as is available), the name of the cemetery, and (if given) an address within the cemetery. I would also appreciate driving instructions and other information about each cemetery (your "list of cemeteries" link is broken).


I hope that you have been able to find other volunteers to whom you can delegate some of these lookups.


Thank you so much for this help.


Steve Schuck