Names: Givens, Herrick, Washburn

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Here is the information yout requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mount Sterling city Cemetery. pp. 239, 268

William Washburn, 30 Oct 1878, age 53 years.

Cynthia Jane, wife of William Washburn, 21 Sep 1855, age 21 yrs, 8 mos.

William E., son of William and Cynthia Washburn, 25 Sep 1854, age 1 mo. 19 days.

Annie Herrick, 2nd wife of William Washburn [no dates].

Willie Washburn, 8 Nov 1874 – 18 Jul 1894.

Annie Givens, wife of Roland Washburn, [ no dates]. Roland is son of William Washburn.


For now, my request numbers have decreased. I have had weeks when it rivaled yours but it’s never been really steady. In any case I’m happy to help where I can.



Ken Huffman


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Hi!  If you have time, could you do a lookup for me in the Cemeteries of Brown Coutny, Illinois book?  My interest is the Washburn's listed on page 239 (Annie, Annie, Roland, William E., William, and Willie).  These Washburn's are connected to my Washburn's from St. Lawrence County NY.  Much of that family moved to Mount Sterling around 1850.


Thanks for your time (assuming you have it).  I know how time consuming look-ups can be.  I get 10-20 requests myself from my webpage (St. Lawrence County NY info), but if you ever need info from that region just let me know.



Anne Cady