Names: Schoonhoven, Wegs/Weggs

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Here are the lookups you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

 Mt Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp160- 199

Wegs, Alfred – named in burial of Joseph Eugene

Wegs, Anna, dau. of Henry and Mary Wegs, 1888-1971
Wegs, Bernard, 24 Oct 1823 – 29 Jul 1902 [also p. 409 in Misc. Burials.]
Wegs, Bernard, son of Bernard and Gertrude Wegs, 1870-1918
Wegs, Eda, dau. of Henry and Mary Wegs, wife of Frank Wort, 1882 – 1956

Wort, Frank, 1873-1956
Wegs, Edward, son of Henry and Mary Wegs, [no dates]
Wegs, Elizabeth, dau. of Bernard and Gertrude Wegs, wife of John Schoonhoven, 1867-1940

Schoonhoven, John 1861-1937
Wegs, Gertrude (Bohr), wife of Bernard Wegs, 15 Jun 1833-31 Dec 1892
Wegs, Harry-mentioned in burial of Leona Wegs
Wegs, Henry J., 27 Dec 1853 – 28 Nov 1907
Wegs, Isabella, dau. of Henry and Anna Wegs, wife of Harold Lorton, 1916 - 1973
Wegs, John Owen, son of Harry and Leona Wegs, d. 25 Oct 1962
Wegs, Joseph Eugene, son of Albert and Mary Wegs, d. 1933, grandson of Bernard and Gertrude Wegs
Wegs, Joseph, son of Henry and Mary Wegs, 1892-1902
Wegs, Josephine (Wort), wife of Bernard Wegs, 1884 - 1968
Wegs, Kenneth Eugene, son of Harry and Leona Wegs, d. 29 Apr 1959
Wegs, Leona, wife of Harry Wegs, dau. of Henry and Mary Wegs, 1935-1964
Wegs, Mary (Kentsiner), wife of Henry J. Wegs, Jun 1854 – Jul 1947
Wegs, Mary- mentioned in other burials above.
Wegs, Norma - mentioned in burial of Terry Joshep Wegs
Wegs, Richard - mentioned in burial of Terry Joshep Wegs
Wegs, Terry Joseph, son of Richard and Norma Wegs, grandson of Henry and Mary Wegs, d. 3 Jan 1945


Weggs, Child of Henry Weggs, 8 Apr 1901 Misc burials p. 408
Weggs, Henry, 30 Nov 1901, Misc Burials pp. 408,409



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Hi. I am doing research on the Weg family from Mt Sterling. My great grandmother was Louisa B. Wegs, born in Mt Sterling and died in Detroit 1919. I would appreciate any help you can offer me. Thanks..Margaret Peterson



Weggs, Child________ ________408
Weggs, Henry________ ________408,409
Wegs, Alfred________ ________183
Wegs, Anna________ ________160
Wegs, Bernard________ ________183(2),409
Wegs, Eda________ ________184
Wegs, Edward________ ________183
Wegs, Elizabeth________ 179
Wegs, Gertrude (Bohr)________ 183
Wegs, Harry________ ________183
Wegs, Henry J.________ 183
Wegs, Isabella________ ________172
Wegs, John Owen________ 183
Wegs, Joseph Eugene________ 183
Wegs, Joseph________ ________183
Wegs, Josephine (Wort)________ 183
Wegs, Kenneth Eugene________ 183
Wegs, Leona________ ________183
Wegs, Mary (Kentsiner)________ 183
Wegs, Mary________ ________183
Wegs, Norma________ ________183
Wegs, Richard________ ________183
Wegs, Terry Joseph________ 183