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Subject: RE: Brown County Permanent Residents Listing


Dear Cliff,

Yes, there are many misspellings in the listing and even a few that I introduced. One of the many problems is that name spellings were not standardized until the late 1800's. You may see different spellings of the same person's name as you go from record to record. For example. My surname has three spellings in the various Brown County records - Huffman, Hoffman and Hoofman. My son in  law's name in New Mexico, Ulibarri, has almost 40 different spellings. A lot of the time the names are spelled as the person reporting it spoke or how the recorder heard or was prejudiced to spell it. So, we, who are amateur genealogists, have to be as you are and check all possible name spellings.


In the lists of names in the Brown County Web pages, I have tried to be faithful to the spellings found in the records copied. This way, when you look them up in the actual record they are easier to find. For the most part I've done pretty well. The 1850 Census is the worst and I really need to go back and fix it.


So, what I will do for the Wethers/Withers is add your email and my response  to the One Name Research section, so others searching for these surnames can see the kinds of things they need to be aware of .


Did you need the burial information on the persons named?



Ken Huffman


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Subject: Brown County Permanent Residents Listing


In reviewing the Brown County Permanent Residents Listing, I found what

I think are some errors in spelling. I was specifically researching the

Robinson, Withers and Morgan entries and I found some "Wethers" entries

that I believe should be "Withers".

Specificly, the entries for "Wethers, Quenton" and "Wethers,  Sarah T.

(Sallee)" should be "Withers, Quinton" and Withers, Sarah T. (Sallee)"


Quinton Withers married Sarah T. Sallee about 1830 in Missouri and moved

into Brown County, IL sometime between 1835 and 1840 where they joined

Quinton's father, Matthew K. Withers, and his brother-in-law, Benjamin

F. Robinson, settling on land northeast of Versailles.


I'm not sure about the other two "Wethers" (Edgar A. and Ella A.) but

they might also be "Withers"; the names are familiar.


I'm trying to be hlepful, not just critical; hope it works.


Cliff Morgan

GGgrandson of Benjamin F. Robinson and Somerville Withers.