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Dear Mike,


You have presented me with an interesting, and difficult search. I apologize that my explanation is so long, so bear with me. :-)


Firstly, I was not able to find a burial listing or a probate file for Wadsworth Wilson, or Elizabeth, his wife, or any of the children in Brown County. Of course, without married names, I couldn't check the daughters, but I found none of the sons.


Secondly, I went back and looked at the censuses to get a better picture. I will list them below, just for your comparison. Note that the Oliver, who is listed as five months old in 1860 (highly unlikely), was suddenly 15 years old in 1870. So I think he should have been 5 years old in 1860.


I did find Wadsworth in 1870, in Pea Ridge Township, Brown County. The census taker (or possibly the copier) wrote his name as "Wadda",  and the wife was Netta (b. Illinois), rather than Elizabeth. The place of birth differs from 1860 and 1870 (both were Maryland for Wadsworth). In 1870 it's Kentucky. But the two children in the household in 1870 are his youngest, Oliver 15, and Mariah 18. Next door is "Ralson Wilson" (I will list below), who is actually Nelson Wilson from the 1860 family listing, though the year of birth varies a bit. His wife is Ann J. - I found a marriage for Nelson B. Wilson and Ann J. Roach (listed below). I think that pretty well proves his name isn't Ralson.


Also, about the ages, in 1870 Wadsworth is 65, but I think should have been 73-75. This could be a wild guess by one of the two children, if Wadsworth wasn't around to say. Or, the nextdoor daughter-in-law was speculating. We never know who gave the information. Sometimes it's a neighbor who has no clue, or if the person isn't sure, the census taker makes a guess.


Summing up: I think you can still rely on Wadsworth being born between 1795-1798 in Maryland. I think he may have had a different wife, Netta, in 1870, though this could be completely wrong, since I don't trust the information in the 1870 listing for age and place of birth. The name, Netta, could be a nickname, but it's usually used for women named Perneta, or Harriet. Or maybe it was a pet name for "grandma", like Nana. I couldn't find a burial for an Elizabeth in the cemetery book, at least not with any connection to Wadsworth. Also, it appears he had a wife prior to Elizabeth. His son, (we believe it is his son) John J. is too old for Elizabeth to have been his mother. But you already know that.


So, It seems he survived the 1870 census, and is buried either without a marker, or possibly in a neighboring county. I would also check the surrounding counties for any probate, either for him or his wife (or wives). You might also check with the Versailles Area Genealogical & Historical Society to see if they have an obiturary on file for Wadsworth, Elizabeth or Netta. They have a good collection.


That's about it. Let me know if I can be of any further help. I will give the census listings and marriage below.


Laurie Huffman


Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project




1850 Census, Range 1S R 3W (Mt. SterlingTownship), Brown County, IL:



Wadsworth Wilson 55, Maryland

Elizabeth Wilson 33, Ohio

John J. Wilson, 22, Ohio

Mary E. Wilson 15, Ohio

Martha Wilson 14, Ohio

Charles Wilson 11, Ohio

Margaret Wilson 9, Ohio

Sarah Wilson 7, Ohio

Nelson Wilson 4, Illinois

William Wilson 1, Illinois

George Lester 17, laborer, Illinois


1860 Census, Lee Township, Brown County, IL:



Wadsworth Wilson 62, Maryland

Mrs. E. Wilson 42, Ohio

Charles Wilson 21, Ohio

Margaret Wilson 19, Ohio

Nelson Wilson 14, Illinois

William Wilson 11, Illinois

Maria Wilson 8, Illinois

Oliver Wilson 5, Illinois (census listed him as 5 months, which is wrong)


1870 Census, Pea Ridge Township, Brown County, IL:



"Wadda" Wilson 65, farm laborer, Kentucky

Netta Wilson 40, keeping house, Illinois

Oliver Wilson 15, Illinois

Mariah Wilson 18, Illinois



Nelson Wilson 21, Illinois (listed as Ralson, which is wrong) Nelson B. Wilson md. Ann J. Roach 12 Apr 1866, Brown County, IL

Ann J. Wilson 28, Illinois

Stephen Wilson 7, Illinois

Minnie Wilson (f) 2, Illinois










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    I am looking for a man by the name of Wadsworth Wilson who supposedly died in Brown Co. Illinois. Wadsworth is found in the 1850 and 1860 Brown County Census but not in the 1870 so I am assuming he died Bet. 1860 and 1870. I would like to know if his burial is recorded in Brown County Cemeteries so that I could zero in on more accurate birth and death dates for him. I am trying to prove he is the Father of my Mary Wilson and will use these " improved " dates to then inquire about a Will or Probate records that might mention my Mary as an Heir and the names of her siblings.

Thank you for your volunteer work !!