Names: Evans, Henrick, Miller, Schmidt, Snite, Wilson


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Dear Dave,


There are a great many Henrick family members buried in the Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, practically filling all of page 168, with a family relationship section on page 90.  I have included here those you requested and a couple of others, with a brief history of Martin Henrick listed afterward.


Laurie Huffman




Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, p. 165, 168, 190:


      Agnes Henricks Evans Miller (1887-1947)

      Oscar Evans (1884-1918) husb/of Agnes Henricks


      Joseph Henrick (1839-1929) s/o Martin & Barbara Henrick    

      Catherine Schmidt, 1st w/o Joseph Henrick (1839-1895)

      Catherine, d/o Joseph & Catherine [Schmidt] Henrick (1868-1887)

      Peter, s/o Joseph & Catherine [Schmidt] Henrick (1866-1920)

      Caroline, d/o Joseph & Catherine [Schmidt] Henrick (1868-1887)

      Martin Henrick Jr., s/o Martin & Barbara Henrick (1833-1904)

      Mary McKee Wilson, w/o Martin Henrick Jr. (1846-1926)

      Charles Henricks, s/o Martin Henrick Jr. & Mary McKee Henricks


      Martin F. Henrick, s/o John Henrick Sr. & Mary Ann Snite (1860-1943)

      Joseph H. Henrick, s/o John and Mary Ann [Snite] Henrick (1855-1938)


Ripley Township Cemetery, p. 317:  


      Martin Henrick (1795-1875)





History of Brown County, Illinois, p. 243 (1st paragraph of a two paragraph listing, the first paragraph dealing specifically with the origins of the Henrick family of Brown County and the children of Martin Henrick Sr.:


      "Martin Henrick Sr. of Alsace, France, came with most of his grown children from Coshocton County, Ohio to Brown County about 1869 and settled on what was later the George Riggall land on Crooked Creek near Ripley. It is said that he traded a rifle for his part of the land. His children, Mrs.

George (Barbara) Royer, remained in Ohio; John Henrick, buried in Mt.

Sterling Catholic Cemetery; Caspar, died in Ohio; Mrs. Charlie (Kate) Schinger, stayed in Ohio; Martin Jr. married Catherine Vallance and then Mary McKee Wilson; Mrs. John Bordenkircher; Wendall married Barbara Winnard and then Mary Brady; Joseph married Catherine Schmidt and then Lizzie Wagner, and Jacob married Matilda McClure. Martin Sr. had 43 known grandchildren, most of them living in Brown County."


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Would you please look up the following folks for me?  Thank you for your efforts.


Henrick, Catherine (Schmidt)________ 168

Henrick, Catherine________ 168

Henrick, Joseph H.________ 168

Henrick, Joseph________ 168

Henrick, Martin F.________ 168

Henrick, Martin________ 168(2),317

Henrick, Michael Andrew________ 168

Henrick, Nancy (Chapman)________ 168

Henrick, Peter________ ________168

Henricks, Agnes________ 165


Dave Mitchell

Charlotte NC



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