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[email protected] 24 Jan 2010

Names: Curran, Johnson

Hubbell Johnson and Mattie Curran, married in Brown County, Ill on 3 Oct 1867.Searching for any information on these two individuals

Claudette Shady 24 Jan 2010

Names: Gicker, Monckton

Trying to research  my childrens grandmother   nee Virginia Gicker   .   Their father was Jerry Leroy Monckton b1942  his father was Robert Monckton of Mt. Sterling b 1919 and his mother was Virginia Gicker (as to his birth cirtificate.)  We are trying to find other family members of Virginia .  I believe  her last name was Lantz in the 60s and she had 2 young boys at the time.  She lived in the House of Alice Buss.  We have no contact with Virginias part of the family.  Could you tell us how we might go about our search?   Thank You, Claudette Schady, Vallejo Ca.

Michael R. Pracht 24 Jan 2010 

Names: Coleman, Dieterle, House, Johnson. Leapley

This message deals with my mother’s side of my family tree, the Dieterle’s. Specifically, my maternal Grt Grandmother, Maud Coleman House Johnson Leapley. To explain my connection to her…

Maud raised 12 children, 3 from Leapley’s first marriage (to a different woman), 4 from her marriage to George LeRoy Johnson and then 5 children from her marriage to John M. Leapley. 

The first of her 5 children with John Leapley is Faye Leapley who married John F. Dieterle; John and Faye are my mother’s parents (my grandparents). The story among the Dieterle’s is that: Gma Leapley was born in Kentucky, adopted by the J.B House family, at 13 years old (1893) she moved with them when they relocated to Siloam Springs, IL, that J.B. House was the owner/operator of the Forest Hotel in Siloam Springs, and then she met and married George LeRoy Johnson who clerked at her father’s hotel/restaurant. 

Well, I can find documentation to support Maud being born in KY; and, I can find a record of her marriage to George LeRoy Johnson in 1897; yet, I can find absolutely NO information about J.B. House, whether in KY or IL. So, I’m thinking that somehow, the name of her adopted father was “lost in translation”.

 Therefore, perhaps you can help me here also, and verify who was the owner/operator of the Forest Hotel in Siloam Springs, IL, in the 1890’s, specifically from 1893 to 1897. If you can’t find out, would you at least point me in the right direction?

All I REALLY would like to know is why she was adopted by the “J.B. House” family.
I might add that I have read the following two articles: --

“Scenes From the Past”, dtd Jun 5, 1980, pg 7 from a local (Quincy?) newspaper, and 

QUINCY AND  Adams County HISTORY OF REPRESENTATIVE MEN By David Wilcox, Chicago, Lewis Publishing, 1919, Vol. 1 pp. 1109-1110, which was posted on by Stephanie Monahan on Oct 1, 1998. and, 

I have spoken with several of my Dieterle relatives; 

I just would like to have an 'independent' 3rd party verify the info.
Thank you for your time,
Mike Pracht,
Charles Pracht’s oldest grandson, and
John F. Dieterle’s oldest grandson

Lynleann 31 Jan 2010

Names: Davis, Leeper

Hello I am looking for information on William and Adeline Davis of Brown County IL also looking for Andrew and Catherine (Kate) Davis Leeper.   Where they are buried in Brown County.  They are my Grandfather's, LeeRoy Leeper, parents and Grandparents.  I know William and Adeline died in a buggy train accident in Brown County in 1894.




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