Obituary of Squire Logsdon


From the Dec 30, Friday 1887------------- Bushnell Weekly Record--------newspaper


   Squire Logsdon

The funeral of Squire Logsdon was held last Friday afternoon. The services

at the Presbyterian church were attended by a congregation which entirely filled the building . Rev. D. R. Thompson preached a forcible, practical sermon from the text set they house in order ,for thou shalt die and not live .The I. O..O. F. of which the deceased was a member, to a number of near fifty braved the inclement weather and followed, the remains to the cemetery, where, with the impressive ceremonies of that fraternity, all that was mortal of Squire Logsdon was laid to rest. The following memoranda of his life are handed us by a friend.

Squire Logsdon was born in Madison county, Kentucky Jan 5, 1838, being at the time of his death 49 years 11 months and 16 days of age. At the age of six years her removed with his parents to Brown county, Illinois, and remained there until he came to this count, where her has resided ever since. In 1856 he was united in Marriage to Mary A. Mabley, daughter of Wm. Mabley, of Brown county . In the spring of 1870 Mr. Logsdon removed with his family to McDonough county locating near Walnut Grove, and engaged in agricultural pursuits. He came to Bushnell in the spring of 1880, and engaged in the drain tile and fire-clay manufacturing business, being one of the founders of that industry in this city. Afterward he engaged in the mercantile business, first in partnership with G. W. Alexandea, then with his oldest son Elmer, and was conducting the same business alone at the time of his death. He was enterprising and industrious and a man of more than ordinary intelligence good neighbor and a valuable citizen. He was kind, charitable and generous to a fault. Akind husband and a fond indulgent father he seemed to live alone for the welfare of his loved ones . He was the father of sic children –Isabel, wife of Henry G. Teel, of Rushville , IL ;Lulu R., wife of Frank F. Fuhr, of Meade Centre, Kansas ; and Ruth  Elmer E. Maude M. and Schuyler C. who are all at houme. He was a member of the I. O.O.F. and K. of L. lodge, of this city . Always ready to assist in business enter prises and the up  a kindness, few men could be, more missed by the community than he. But yet in the very prime of life, in the midst of its busy strifes and never ceasing cares, he was called away suddenly by a higher than earthly summons. He died as he had lived, a brave, conscientious and self sacrificing man; and in his last moments of suffering with his 1st words would say; ”I am much better, don’t mind me.” This was the mand the grim, relentless reaper Death took so suddenly from this human existence. And so with simple resiguation we must bow to the divine decree.