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Dear Sissy,I found these marriages but did not find a marriage to Allie Perry. Mobley and Maltby could be interchanged in a situation of poor or faded handwriting. I can find no evidence that the 2 Johns are the same. Unfortunately, we do not have the 1890 census we could check. The 1880 and 1900 may confirm what you need to know.

Rigg, John B. Maltby, Julia Brown 11/09/1890 1A/136 1638
Rigg, John R. Lowens, Barbara Ingram (Mrs.) Brown 11/04/1896 1A/204 2471
Edmonston, Louis Ingram, Barbara Brown 05/01/1885 C/226 939

I searched the 1880 census but did not find any Rigg families with a John. I do not have an index for the 1900 census. As you can see from the marriages, I found two of Barbara’s but not the third.  I suspect that some of these people did not live in the county since they do not appear in the Cemeteries Book. The Census may confirm that. A check of the surrounding counties my provide some clues on this. The marriage to Lowens is not in Illinois. This may also indicate that this is two persons. Sorry I’m not much help on this. We are all settled in and had a great Christmas. We had all of our family with us. Sincerely,Ken Huffman

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Hi Ken and Laurie,

I have been offline for awhile, life took another unexpected turn. Am now living with my son until (hopefully) I can get into government housing.

How are you enjoying your new home? Hope everything went smooth. And hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Santa kinda passed us by this year, but the grandson did ok. That is the important thing.

I have a couple of questions. In my Rigg files, (some of which you helped build) I show John B. Rigg married to 3 ladies, Allie Perry, Julia Mobley, and Barbara Ingram Edmonston. In the updated marriages file per your site, It shows John B. Rigg married Julia Maltby (have some Maltby‘s in my Barker line in Brown Co), and a John R. Rigg married a Mrs Barbara Ingrams Lowens.  Is there anyway to find out if 1. the Julia’s are the same and which is the correct spelling. 2. Is John R. and John B. the same and which is it if so. 3. Was Barbara married twice before John? A Lowens and an Edmonston?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I will get busy on getting all the Barker info to you for the Brown list as soon as I get my own place. Thought I would have all that done by now, lol.

Hope all are well and happy!
your friend,
Luella Rigg Ostonal