Names: Brake, Wood/Woods, Taylor

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Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2004 1:24 PM
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Dear Priscilla,

The Agnes Woods in the Cemetery book p. 105 is buried in the Mt. Pleasant (Fargo) Cemetery. She is listed with her husband Robert Brake.

Robert Brake 1869 – 1931

Agnes Woods, wife of Robert Brake, 1876 – 1960

Based on the marriage record of your Agnes Taylor and James Wood:

WOOD, JAMES   TAYLOR, AGNES  09/09/1847 A&B/     00000389 BROWN

The Agnes above is not the same as yours. She is quite a bit younger. There is also a James Woods listed in the burial records but he also is too young.

If your James and Agnes are buried in Brown County, their burial records have been lost. You might check nearby Counties for their records. You may also want to verify their locations in time by checking the censuses.


Ken Huffman

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Subject: Agnes Woods

Hi!  I am descended from Agnes Taylor Woods (married to James Woods) and I found her name listed in the Brown Co, Illinois burial records listed on page 105.  Can you send me any info on her … cemetery, stone info, etc.???  Thanks in advance.

Priscilla Kromnick