NAMES: Dunbar, Hill, Worthington

Dear Joyce and Anita,

I am very slow with this promised family report. We have a son becoming Eagle Scout and my time is not my own. :o)

This report is taken directly from my husband’s PAF database. He is related to Brad Worthington through Brad’s second wife, Elizabeth Dunbar. I have scanned it and it looks okay, but if you have corrections, additions, etc., please feel free to let me know, along with the source for reference in the notes.

Only one item makes me have questions. TRESSIA IRON – I could never find her family, and I’m wondering if she is a MILLIRON – that name is known in Brown County. If you know anything about her origins, parents, etc., do let me know.

Worthington Family History

Thanks for your patience. I hope these records are of benefit to you.

Laurie Huffman
Brown County Lookups