Transcribed from Mt. Sterling Newspaper of 10/19/1918.1

Gilbert E. Arvin

Gilbert E. Arvin was born January 23, 1896, in Iowa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Arvin, and together with his parents came to Brown county to reside about 6 years ago. He left for Camp Dodge, Ia., with a contingent of Brown country draftees April 29, 1918 and from there was sent to Camp Travis, San Antonio, Tex. There he was placed in the machine gun company, 358th Inft., and was sent to Camp Mills, N.Y. He started oversees about Jun 18, 1918, and as reported in our last issue, his parents received a message from the government Tuesday stating that he had been killed in action September 26, 1918.

Contributed by: Stephen Arvin

  1. Probably the Brown County Democrat-Message, as that was the only published paper in Mt. Sterling in 1918.