Names: Henry

Ken and Laurie,

I was reviewing some of the responses you posted on the Brown County web page and wanted to draw your attention to what I believe is an error in the Brown County Cemetery Book, page 520.

There is reference to Robert Henry I being a brother of Patrick Henry.  I’ve researched Patrick Henry’s line and the Robert Henry line and believe, at best, Robert Henry I and Patrick were cousins.  I’m from the Robert Louis (Lewis) Henry line and would love to be closer to Patrick, but I don’t believe that is so.

My theory (and a lot of genealogy is theory) is based on information found through  I also Googled Patrick Henry genealogy several years ago, and there was no Robert listed in his immediate family.  I found a line on that shows Robert Louis Henry coming from Ireland with roots back to Scotland.  His line joins Patrick Henry’s line as follows:

Alexander Patrick Henry b.1674 m. Jean Robertson b 1684,  Their children were

  1. Hugh Henry b 1720
  2. John Henry b 1701

There were 8 additional children, but for the sake of my comments, Hugh was the father of Robert Louis Henry and John was the father of Patrick Henry.  If this is valid, Patrick and Robert were 1st cousins.

All my thoughts are based on internet research.  I haven’t had the opportunity to date to view actual records.  Based on what I was able to find by looking at Patrick Henry’s direct line, I believe I’m correct…at least until I’m proven wrong.

I can remember when I first started researching a number of years ago and read that statement in the Brown County Cemetery Book, I was excited.  If that information is incorrect, as I believe, I hate to see others mislead as I feel I was.  Unfortunately it is out there for time and eternity.

FYI = my line in Brown County started with the marriage of Elisha Adams and Mary Matilda Henry and progressed as their daughter, Amanda Matilda married John Marion Thomas, whose daughter, Mary, married Peter Tucker, whose son, Charles Greenberry Tucker is my grandfather.  Peter was born in Schuyler County and Charles Greenberry was born in Brown County.  Charles moved on to Cass County where his family was raised.

Thanks for listening

Gladys Eichelberger