Submitted by: JEANEEN HESS

29 Jun 2013

Since my last correspondence of almost one year on July 12, 2012 I have found research on Charles Stout and his family from Ancestry.  As we stated before he was not closely related to Francis Marion Stout – a distant cousin.

Charles Stout – born Athens County, Ohio  24 April 1827- died Ripley, Brown County in 1900 – Father George Stout 1792-1875, Mother Eliza Buzzard 1797-1869 – He migrated to Upper Alton, Madison Co. Illinois where he married in 1851. Married Mary Jane Smith1 1824-1899.  The 1880 Census shows them living in Ripley, Brown County and his occupation as ‘Potter’.   Four Children as follows:

  1. Arthur C. Stout 1854-1916 married Eva Alice Donahower 1858-1919 in 1876 in Brown County.2 They were still living in Brown County in 1900, but had moved to Washington, Monroe Co, Missouri by the 1910 Census.  They later moved to Clinton, Dewitt County. where they died and are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery there.
  2. Mary C. Stout 1855-1905 married Charles O Glenn 1855-1939 in Brown County and they moved to Kearney County, Nebraska where they lived and died and are buried.
  3. John Martin ‘Coon’ Stout3  1858-1889 was a deaf-mute caused by Scarlett fever when young.  He went to the Jacksonville School for the Deaf in Jacksonville where he is shown on a special census at age 17 in 1875.  He met his wife, Emma Mitchell there as she was also deaf.  They married in 1889 (marriage license).  He was well known in the Brown County area as a drawing and watercolor artist of portraits.  He also was a trick bicycle rider. He is mentioned in the “History of Brown and Schuyler Counties.”  He died while riding his bicycle from Ripley to Mt. Sterling thought to have had a brain aneurysm.  His wife was born in the Clinton County area in 1868.  It is not known what she did after his death.  They had only been married 6 months.  He was 30 years old.
  4. Mae Della Stout4 1866-1903 married John Frederick Hull 1866-1900 in Brown County in 1892.  They lived in Shawnee County, Kansas for awhile, then are shown as living in Chicago, Cook County in 1903.

Tracing the Stout lineage back to the 1600’s.

Charles and Francis Marion’s connection was thru two direct ancestors. Richard Stout 1615-1705 and Penelope Van Princis 1622-1732.  Had  10 children of which son David was one.  Richard came to America from England and the family settled in what is now New Jersey in Hunterdon County.    David  Stout 1667-1732 and Rebecca Ashton  1673-1725    Had   8 children- Their sons James and Joseph became the second connections to Charles and Francis Marion Stout.   Their  son James 1694-1727 Married Catherine Simpson 1692-1749 was the Direct Ancestor of Francis Marion Stout – His 4th Great Grandparents Their son Joseph  1698-1770  Married Martha Reeder 1714-1758 was the Direct Ancestor of Charles Stout – His 4th Great Grandparents This made them distant cousins. Probably the reason Charles ended up in Brown County was due to all the Pottery Factories there at the time and his son Arthur C. met and married Eva Alice Donahower, daughter of Mary J Stout Donahower, the sister of Francis Marion Stout.   We will never know and must leave it to the ages.  Use this information as you see fit.

  1. Buried in Ripley Cemetery, Brown County, Illinois. 

  2. Eva Alice was the daughter of Mary J. Stout Donahower.   Mary J. was a younger sister of Francis Marion Stout making Eva Alice his niece. 

  3. Buried in Ripley Cemetery, Brown County, Illinois. 

  4. Buried in Ripley Cemetery, Brown County, Illinois.