Northern States Mission

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Southern Illinois Conference

Conference Address, St. Louis, Mo.

Versailles, Illinois July 10, 1898

Obituary Mary Ann Stephens

After an illness of ten weeks Sister Mary Ann Stephens passed away at their home near Beardstown, Cass County, Ill., where she had resided for a short time, her former home being in Sugar Grove, Schuyler County, Ill. She died as she had lived , a loving wive, affectionate mother, and well respected by all who knew her, and for the past sixteen years, a faithful Latter-day Saint, though alone in the faith. She is a relative of the Stephens that emigrated to Utah in 1851 and now reside at Ogden, whose sympathies are drawn out for those left to mourn their Loss

Sister Stephen was baptized about sixteen years ago by Elder D. M. Stephens of Ogden, while he and his brother, J. O. Stephens, were laboring as missionaries at that time. Sister Stephens died on July 5th 1898, and at the request of Elders D. P. Shephens (son of D. M. Stephens) and J. A. Coon of Riter, Salt Lake County, Utah and now laboring as missionaries in Brown County, Ill., conducted the funeral services at the Davis Cemetery near Sugar Grove, where she was laid away in her last resting place, surrounded by her husband, three children, many relatives and sympathizing friends, to await the morning of the first resurrection.

Elders D. P. Stephens and J. A. Coons